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Different Types of Health Aids for Seniors

by Leona Small

This article looks at different types of health aids for seniors. That is a general topic, so we have broken it out into categories: mobility, bathroom, hearing and vision, and kitchen aids.

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Mobility Aids

As we age, mobility can become one of the most challenging aspects of our everyday life. But you do not need to allow lack of mobility to slow you down or hinder your day. There are many mobility aids that will help you retain your independence and your dignity.


Canes are the first port of call when you begin to feel unsteady on your feet. They give support and a sense of security which allows you to continue living your life as you always have. Canes can also be used as weapons!

Canes do not need to make you look old. There are many walking canes that are fashionable and chic. We have covered them in other articles, so I do not want to rehash the same listings here. Consider these articles instead:


If a cane does not give enough support, a walker can be used. Walkers have progressed in leaps and bounds and both practical and pleasing to the eye. Walkers can be folded away easily making traveling simple. There are many stylish bags and baskets that can be fitted to the walker to enable you to move around with all your necessities such as glasses, reading book, mobile phone and purse.

Much like canes above, we have covered walkers in numerous other articles. If you want to go more in depth, consider these:


For those who like to get out and about and enjoy speed a scooter is the answer. These are easy to use and give you the independence to do your own shopping or join in a family walk.

Powered Mobility Scooters for Seniors with Headlight Cup Holder USB Port, 4 Wheel Folding Mobility Scooters for Adults with Basket, Easy to Fold in Boot Trunk for Traveling, Blue
  • 🚀【INCREASED SPEED & BATTERY】 Unlike normal mobility scooter uses 270W motor. We use 300W motor and the maximum speed is 5Mph(8km/h), which is FASTER than a normal 3 wheel scooter of 4.2Mph(6.7km/h). The climbing angle can be up to 10°. With 12 Ah battery capacity and the standard driving range is at least 15 MILES/PER CHARGE.
  • 🦼【ENHANCED DRIVING COMFORT】 The seat is crafted from high-density sponge and the cushion dimension is 4"H x 16"L x 18"W. Double spring decompression minimizes the shock and eases the jolts effectively, which is more comfortable to sit for a long-range drive. 360 swiveling seat and foldable backrest make it easier for you to get in and out of the car.

This Mobility Scooter by ADDJY comes with headlights, two cup holders and a usb charge point. It has a maximum speed of 5M/H and a driving range of 15 Miles per charge. The seat can swivel 360’ which makes getting on and off the scooter easy and comfortable.

If you want something more all terrain, consider an off-road mobility scooter.

Bathroom Aids

As we grow older and less steady on our feet the bathroom becomes a hazardous place. The space is small, surfaces are wet and there are many hard obstacles to bump into on the way down. Up to 80% of falls in the home occur in the bathroom.

It is thus important to install safety features and aids in the bathroom to help prevent falls. Most falls occur while one is moving in or out of the bath or shower or using the toilet. Make sure the toilet is the right height. It is helpful to install grab bars in the shower, above the bath and near the toilet.

Grab Bars

Grab bars come in a variety of sizes and can be angled to the needs in the specific bathroom. You can get permanent grab bars which can be installed by a professional or you can get suction grab bars that can be easily removed and reattached as necessary.

Suction grab bars need to be checked daily to ensure they are secure. They work well if you are traveling as you can easily attach them to the bathroom you are using in the guesthouse or family home. You are best suited to avoid them for regular in-home use, however.

2 Pack Shower Grab Bar, Stainless Steel Bathroom Grab Bar, Shower Handle Bath Handle, Safety Bars for Shower Chair Bench, Grab Bars Senior, Elderly, Handicap(12 Inch)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Shower Handle- the material of the shower bar is 304 stainless steel, so there is no doubt about its firmness and safety. Shower handles can support up to 500lbs. 304 stainless steel handrail is durable and corrosion resistance. Please feel free to use our premium bathroom grab bars to make each bathroom safer for your family.
  • Multipurpose Sturdy Design - the shower handles can not only be used as bathtubs and showers to protect your safety, but also put your towels, clothes, etc. Grab bars for bathroom- grab bars can provide good support for families in bathtubs, showers, bathrooms and other indoor locations to minimize the risk of slipping and falling. Grab bars for bathtubs and showers.

These permanent 2 Pack Shower Grab Bars can be used in the shower, bath or at the toilet. They range in size from 12 to 48 inches allowing you to choose the best size for your space.

If you do not want something so permanent or you are looking for something you can use when traveling, then try these Suction Grab Bars by Vive. it will only work on a smooth, flat, non-porous surface and should be checked regularly to ensure the suctions are working correctly. This particular brand offers extra security in that a red light will show if the suction is compromised.


Ensure that shelves on which toiletries are stored are at eye level as it is the action of stretching up to reach something that often puts one off balance and leads to a fall.

Raised Toilet Seat

Install a raised toilet seat. The added 3 to 4 inches in height make it easier to lower oneself onto the seat and to lift oneself up again.

Carex Toilet Seat Riser, Elongated Raised Toilet Seat Adds 3.5 inches to Toilet Height, for Assistance Bending or Sitting, 300 Pound Weight Capacity Toilet Riser
  • TOILET SEAT ELEVATOR -- ELONGATED. A toilet seat riser that that installs under your existing toilet seat for added personal comfort. Fits Most elongated Toilet bowls.
  • ADDS 3.5 INCHES TO THE TOILET SEAT HEIGHT. A 3.5 raised toilet seat that is also very comfortable. The toilet seat helps senior and handicap sit or get up from toilet easily

For an inconspicuous raised toilet seat try the Carex Elongated Raised Toilet Seat. It adds a height of 3.5 inches to the seat making getting on and off the toilet easier. It is comfortable to use and easy to install.

Ultimate Raised Toilet Seat with Handles, Padded, Armrests, Adjustable Height, Premium Elevated Toilet Seat for Elderly Bathroom Safety with Arms, Standard and Elongated Toilets, Blue
  • THE ULTIMATE RAISED PADDED SEAT- Warm, soft, padded seat makes toileting comfortable. Most raised toilet seat for seniors are made of hard plastic which is cold to the touch-making toileting uncomfortable. The ULTIMATE raised toilet seat allows for extended sitting without discomfort. EXCLUSIVE Hi-View Blue color makes seat easier to distinguish from its surroundings AND RESISTS STAINING AND DISCOULORING BETTER than old style white seats.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT- Allows for perfect toilet seat height settings and maximum safety and comfort. Fast, easy, tool-less height settings also means that as health conditions change, the toilet seat height can be adjusted to accommodate the changing needs. Never buy another raised toilet seat again. Ideal for post-op hip and knee patients. Adjust the height on this raised toilet seat with arms as range of motion improves.

Should you need a little more support try the Ultimate Raised Toilet Seat. This seat is padded for comfort and is fitted with padded arm rests which can be used to push off when standing up. It fits all toilets and requires no installation. The height is easily adjustable to suit specific needs.

Shower Chair

A shower chair is useful in the shower as it allows one to sit while showering and thus reduces the chance of slipping and falling. Ensure that the chair has a non-slip seat and that the feet of the chair are rubberized and won’t slip in the shower.

Drive Medical RTL12202KDR Shower Chair with Back, Adjustable Stool with Suction Feet, Shower Seat for Inside Shower or Tub, Bathroom Bench Bath Chair for Elderly and Disabled, 300 LB Weight Cap, Grey
  • Bathe Securely & Comfortably: The shower chair with back offers stable, seated support with a full backrest, making it a great bath chair for elderly adults and those with reduced balance or mobility due to injury, surgery, or disability
  • Helps Prevent Falls: Nonslip feet give the shower chair for inside shower added security on wet floors and in-seat drainage holes keep the seat from accumulating excess water

The Drive Medical Bathroom Bench provides a secure seat in the shower. The legs are fitted with suction feet to ensure it does not slip in the shower. The leg heights are adjustable to suit your needs.

Transfer Bench

A transfer, or bath, bench extends over the side of the bath. It has two legs and creates a platform on which you can sit safely and swing your legs over and out of the bath. This removes the need to stand precariously on one leg as you lift the other up and out of the bath. We have an article on the best shower transfer benches.

Non-Slip Mats

Install non-slip mats in the shower and bath. Bathmats outside the shower and next to the bath and toilet should also be non-slip.

Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat, 35x16, Long Bath Tub Floor Mats, Suction Cups and Drainage Holes Keeps Floors Clean, Machine Washable, Soft on Feet, Bathroom and Spa Accessories, Clear
  • PATENTED DESIGN WITH POWERFUL SUCTION GRIP: a bathmat designed to securely stay in place; the patented mat features hundreds of suction cups that effectively help secure the mat to your tub or shower floor
  • EASY WATER DRAINAGE: hundreds of drainage holes allow for water to easily flow under the mat and towards the drain, helping to prevent water from sitting stagnant under the mat in your tub

The Gorilla Grip Bath and Shower Mats are ideal for using in the bath or shower. The patented grip ensures that the mat will not move at all and that it will not become slippery. It has drainage holes ensuring water does not pool on the mat. It comes in an array of colors making it fit stylishly into your bathroom.

DEXI Bathroom Rug Mat, Extra Soft Absorbent Premium Bath Rug, Non-Slip Comfortable Bath Mat, Carpet for Tub, Shower, Bath Room, Machine Washable, 16"x24", Grey
  • WASHABLE AND DURABLE: Different from other products, our bath rug adopts unique fiber-locking technology to avoid the troubles of fiber-dropping. Unique backing texture design and expensive TP rubber, which is much stronger and durable for long-lasting use. After repeated machine washing tests, it looks like the new one.
  • ULTRA THICK AND PLUSH: Our bathroom mat features thousands of individual polyester micro fiber shags that soothes tired feet and shields toes from the cold floor. The density and plushness of our pile surpasses that of most other brands.

The Dexi Non – Slip Bathmat is soft and absorbent and will not slip on the tiles. It is a safe and comfortable option.

Hearing and Vision Aids

hearing test

Our hearing and vision seem to be one of the first things to start to deteriorate with age. One day we are looking at birds in the far-off trees, reading medical labels with ease and enjoying conversations in crowded restaurants.

The next thing we know we can no longer make out more than a fuzzy blur in the tree, we can’t read the medical label without holding it so far away that we can’t read it anyway and when we’re in a crowded restaurant all we get from the conversation is a throbbing headache.

Both hearing and vision issues can be remedied with aids, namely hearing aids and spectacles. Consider looking into hearing resources if cost is a concern.

Over the Counter Hearing Aids

OTC hearing aids are expected to be released in the very near future. They are not designed for children or for adults with sever hearing loss. They are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. They will increase the volume of sounds around you. The wearer will also be able to adjust them to suit their specific needs.

These hearing aids will be a tremendous asset to people who are just beginning to feel the effects of slight hearing loss. Should you find that OTC hearing aids are not helping it is advisable to get your hearing checked by a professional.

Over The Counter Vision Aids

OTC spectacles have been around for decades and are the first port of call when we realise our sight is not quite what it was. These spectacles merely magnify what we are looking at and thus make reading of fine print easier. If you find OTC glasses are no longer helping it would be advisable to get your eyes tested by a professional.

Kitchen Aids

A kitchen is a potentially dangerous place for anyone but once we become less mobile, lose strength and develop debilitating diseases such as arthritis it can become a downright nightmare. There are many ways that you can make the kitchen a safer place.

Boil Over Safeguard Lid

Pot Cover Spill Stopper Lid - Thicken Silicone Boil Over Spill Safeguard,FDA Food Grade Stopper Lid Cover for Pots And Pans, BPA-free Instant Pot Cover, Fits Openings 6" to 10" in Diameter (Red)
  • Premium Grade & BPA Free Silicone - This Silicone Lid Stopper is made of finest BPA-free silicone that it is eating healthy and toxic-free environment-friendly material.And it is soft, durable, reusable & flexible that will definitely last for a long time even for how many uses
  • Give You a Safe Kitchen - Do you have problem when boiled liquid spills over the stove and have to spend a lot of time cleaning the stove.For your problems, this is the best solution works for most kind of pots and pans. No worry about cooking pasta, rice or soups.This lid will prevent boil over from your cooking with pots and pans, no messy kitchen anymore

This clever silicone lid prevents pots from boiling over. This will prevent you having to make a dash to the stove to rescue an over boiling pot. This Boil Over Safeguard Lid comes in an array of colors and can fit pots and pans with a diameter of 6 to 10.5 inches.

Drive Medical Kitchen Stool

Kitchen Stool
  • Drive Medical 12455 All Purpose Stool with Adjustable Arms

This kitchen stool has an adjustable height and is ideal for allowing you to sit while working at the kitchen counter. The angled seat makes it easy to sit down and stand up again.

Automatic Jar Opener

Electric Jar Opener, Kitchen Gadget Strong Tough Automatic Jar Opener For New Sealed Jars,The Hands Free Jar Opener with Less Effort to Open (White)
  • 【It works on all size of lids】Easy to open lids from 1.2inch-3.5inch,The electric jar opener is made of sturdy Internal stainless steel material to ensure it is durable
  • 【Not for plastic jars】Note that it doesn't work on plastic lids, so won't open a mayonnaise jar for instance

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to open a jar. You can see the delicious contents but cannot get to it. There are a variety of automatic and electronic jar openers on the market. These allow seniors to open jars with ease.

Cut Resistant Gloves

NoCry Premium Cut Resistant Gloves Food Grade — Level 5 Protection; Ambidextrous; Machine Washable; Superior Comfort and Dexterity; Lightweight Protective Gloves; Complimentary eBook
  • 4X STRONGER THAN LEATHER — Made from the highest level of cut resistant material on the market — 4X stronger than leather and 10X stronger than steel. These cutting gloves are extremely durable, offering you maximum protection at all times.
  • 100% FOOD SAFE — Superior grip and a snug fit keep sharp blades securely in your hand — prepare food with excellent dexterity and precision. These cut proof gloves for men are perfect for oyster shucking, dicing vegetables, or using the mandolin.

These Cut Resistant Gloves offer independence and security in the kitchen. Unsteady hands can continue to chop and cut in the kitchen without fear of injury.

Induction Stove

An induction stove is a safe choice for seniors. The cook top only gets hot where a pot is touching it. If the cook top is switched on and the pot is removed, it will lose heat and thus will not be a fire hazard. The only disadvantage of an induction stove is that it works with magnets and thus may interfere with insulin pumps and pacemakers.   

Pot and Pan Holder

This device holds a pot or pan in place while on the stove. It allows the cook to stir the contents of the pot without having to keep the pot steady. Thus stirring can be done with one hand.

Non-Slip Mat

KANGAROO Thick Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Cushioned Kitchen Floor Mats, Standing Office Desk Mat, Waterproof Scratch Resistant Topside, Supportive All Day Comfort Padded Foam Rugs, 32x20, Black
  • THICK AND SUPPORTIVE CUSHIONING: extra thick, three quarter inch foam mat is extremely comfortable and engineered to help keep you supported; premium foam inner layer for strong rebound and maximum support; your feet will thank us later
  • REDUCE STRESS ON JOINTS: ergonomic design helps reduce stress and fatigue on feet and joints by absorbing day to day impact; balance of firm and soft to help support your posture so that you may stand comfortably for longer periods of time

Non-slip mats are important in a kitchen where the floor can become slippery or wet. A mat like the Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat by Kangaroo is a mat that helps to relieve the pain and exhaustion often connected with standing for long periods of time. They are non-sip and edges will not curl up creating a tripping hazard.

The mat is ADA compliant which means walkers and canes can move over them safely. Just make sure it’s not a tripping hazard for the person with dementia or limited mobility.

Electronic Aids

Advancements in technology have brought about a plethora of electronic aids for seniors. The Life Alert commercial featuring the fallen senior who says, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” brought the attention of these types of services to millions of viewers. With the push of a button, help was on its way. There are now even smartwatches with medical alert capabilities.

Some caregivers now include baby monitors as part of their approach to keeping loved ones safe. There are also location tracking devices for people who have Alzheimer’s Disease. If they wander away, they can be more easily found and returned to safety.

Caseworkers and doctors offices can help people identify the electronic aids that might benefit them most, but just know that in many cases, these aids are not covered by insurance. Talk to your doctor or care provider to learn more.

Health Aids for Seniors Help

Aging isn’t easy. The effects are certain to hit us if we live long enough. We can’t stop aging, but we can do our best to manage the symptoms of it. This includes finding the right health aids for seniors. I hope this list has helped.

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