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7 Best Walking Canes for Women

by Derrick
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Most seniors then look to canes to help with mobility, but those are often bland and boring. Here we will look at walking canes for women.

Uneven ground becomes particularly challenging and the fear of falling becomes a real terror. We often wish for a steadying hand when navigating stairs especially small steps where there is no banister or railing to hold on to. We might find that after an injury or undergoing surgery we are not as nimble and sure footed as we were before. The first answer to all these problems is usually a cane.

Brief History of Canes

According to Wikipedia, in the late 17th century, walking sticks took over from shepherd’s crooks and became an essential part of a European gentleman’s wardrobe. The walking stick was no longer merely a prop to assist ones balance on uneven ground but now became a statement of fashion and a display of ones societal class level.

It was also around this time that men stopped carrying swords and thus the walking stick became a substitute weapon. Walking sticks served as a self-defense tool against street crime (read more about Cane Fu). The standard cane was made from rattan with a rounded wooden handle. Men would have several canes or sticks for various occasions.

A license was even required in order to carry a walking stick in London in the 17th century. Rules were policed very closely. It was considered very bad manners to carry a walking stick under your arm, to wave it in the air, drag it on the ground or lean on it while standing.

In North America, the more typical curved-handle cane was used, similar to a shepherd’s crook or staff, only shorter. The most common canes that first appeared were ivory-handled Malacca canes.

The wood came from the Strait of Malacca in Malaysia. The bottom was covered in a brass casing to prevent the wood being damaged in the mud. The ivory handles were embellished with fine silver work.

The handles of canes continued to be embellished with rare materials such as jade, amber, silver and gold. Handles were often ornately carved or made from exotic substances like tortoise shell and ivory.

There were many ordinary functional canes for walking the dog or farming but there were also some spectacularly wonderful canes designed for various purposes. Defense canes could be used as self-defense tools, often concealing knives and even swords. Automaton canes had heads that moved at the touch of a secret button.

During the United States Prohibition, canes were adapted to hold small flasks or glass vials in order to smuggle small amounts of alcohol. These canes were known as smuggler or flask walking canes.

Marine canes were made by sailors using whale bone and whale teeth for the handle. Folk art canes were intricately carved canes used by farmers and shepherds.

Fred Astaire often included canes in his dance routines thus popularizing them even further.  

Women in the 17th and 18th centuries occasionally carried walking stick or canes. Men continued to carry canes until the 1940s when they ceased being fashionable.

Different Kinds of Canes for Support

different types of canes

There are three types of canes used for support: standard canes, offset canes and multiple legged canes.

The standard cane is usually made of wood or aluminum and is the most commonly used. Aluminum canes are often foldable and can thus be conveniently packed into a bag or folded away when traveling.

The offset cane has an angle to it which positions your weight over the axis of the cane. This enables the cane to bear one’s weight if needed. These are recommended for people who have arthritis in their hip or knee and thus need to, from time to time, release the weight from one leg.

Multiple-legged canes have three or four legs attached to a rectangular base. Depending on the number of legs they are known as quadripod or tripod canes. These canes can bear one’s weight easily and are suitable for people who have undergone surgery or have an injury.

Another advantage is that the multiple legged canes can stand upright without assistance so the user’s hand are free to carry out tasks before walking again. The disadvantage is that they can be awkward to use especially if one is trying to walk quickly as all feet must touch the ground at the same time to bear weight evenly.

What Makes up a Woman’s Cane?

senior woman walking with cane

A walking stick or cane is designed to help with balance and not to support one’s full weight as a crutch is. Today there are beautiful canes available for women that are stylish and fashionable.

All canes consist of a handle, a shaft, and a tip. The handle must be comfortable to the user and can be decorative and stylish. The shaft needs to be strong and dependable. The tip can be covered in rubber for better grip to prevent slipping. The length of the cane will also impact how comfortable it is for the user.

Where you place your focus will depend on how much support you need from your cane. Some canes are purely decorative and will offer very little weight bearing support while others, although still stylish, will provide more support.

7 Best Canes for Women

Moving away from canes that look like they came from a hospital, gray, aluminum, and boring; and steering clear of canes clearly designed to favor men, we are going to look at walking canes for women.

1 – DMI Sports Duro-Med Designer Folding Walking Cane

DMI Sports DMI Designer Folding Walking Cane, Adjustable With Wood Handle, Floral
  • Designer folding cane adjusts from 33-37 inches in 1-inch increments to ensure the best comfort and stability
  • Easy to grip sturdy and ergonomic wooden derby grip handle can be used with both the left and right hand
  • Folding cane has four folding points to easily fit in a purse or bag when not in use

This beautiful cane is the perfect travel companion. The aluminum shaft is durable and adjustable extending from 33 – 37 inches in 1-inch increments. The handle is made of wood and shaped for maximum comfort. The shaft is patterned with a designer floral print.

It is extremely convenient for traveling as it folds up four times enabling it to fit into a bag or purse. It weighs only 9.6 ounces and can support up to 250 pounds. It has a rubber tip for increased grip. It comes with a folding cane carrying case for extra convenience. This cane is both stylish, comfortable and practical.

2 – Nova Sugarcane

NOVA Medical Products NOVA Sugarcane, Walking Cane with All Terrain Rubber Quad Tip Base and Carrying Strap, Butterfly Symphony Design
  • WE LOVE THE SUGARCANE because is the perfect combination of style, quality and cane mobility. It comes with the ALL TERRIAN QUAD TIP base that stands the SugarCane upright on flat surfaces, provides great stability, traction and pivot on uneven and sloped terrain. The Soft Grip offset handle design is so comfortable reduces strain on the hand and wrist. Comes with a convenient carrying strap
  • YOUR CANE STANDS ON ITS OWN with the extra-wide quad tip - keeping your cane by your side and at hand’s reach. Overall Tip Diameter: 4.75” x 4.75”
  • COMES IN 10 STYLES FOR WOMEN AND MEN that are durable and chip resistant. Made of high quality aluminum, beautiful chip and fade resistant finish

The Nova Sugarcane is the ideal cane for those needing a little more support but wanting to remain stylish. It has an all-terrain quad tip base that enables the cane to stand upright leaving your hands free. This base also provides maximum stability on uneven ground and slopes. The offset handle provides extra support and puts less strain on the wrist and hand. A soft cushiony grip cover provides comfort and is non-slip.

The length is easily adjustable with the push of a button from 28 – 39 inches and can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. The cane weighs only 1.15 pounds making it easy to use. The aluminum shaft comes in 10 different designs that are chip and fade resistant ensuring you have the style you want for as long as you want.

3 – Heavy Duty Walking Cane

NOVA Heavy Duty Walking Cane with Offset Handle, 500 lb. Weight Capacity, Lightweight Adjustable Walking Stick with Carrying Strap, Black
  • 500 lb. WEIGHT CAPACITY, LIGHTWEIGHT & ADJUSTABLE walking cane has an offset handle design that provides optimal support and comfort for the arm and wrist. Adjusts from 30” - 39” for approximate user height: 4’11” - 6”4”. Weighs only 2 pounds with a 500 lb. weight capacity
  • COMFORTABLE SMOOTH & DURABLE plastic hand grip comes with a convenient carrying strap
  • EASY TO ADJUST push button feature

This heavy duty cane can support a weight of up to 500 pounds. The aluminum shaft comes in elegant black, purple or silver and has a smooth plastic grip handle for maximum comfort.

The handle is fitted with a convenient strap. The offset design relieves strain on hands and wrists and provides extra support. The height is easily adjusted with the push of a button from 30 to 39 inches and the cane weighs only 2 pounds.

4 – BigAlex Folding Walking Cane With LED Light

BigAlex Folding Walking Cane with LED Light,Adjustable & Portable Walking Stick, Lightweight,Collapsible with Carrying Bag for Men/Woman(Large)
  • 360° Free Rotation—BigAlex is famous of pivoting base, instead of plastic, using al alloy ball head shaft and plastic base makes years of service life, portable to use at home or anywhere else.
  • Firmness—Anodized aluminum stick and al alloy ball head shaft base, firmness and max capacity for people is 300 LBS.
  • Intelligence Design for Portable—Folding up in seconds ,less than 12" Will fit in most Hand Bags, so you can use it whether home or travel.

This bariatric cane provides a combination of reliable support and convenience. It has a four-point pivoting base which provides stability and mobility. It can easily be folded up and placed in a purse or bag.

It supports a weight of up to 300 pounds and adjusts to a height of between 33 and 38 inches at the bush of a button. It is fitted with an LED light making walking in poorly lit areas easy and safe. It comes with a convenient carry bag making it an easy travel companion.

5 – Lixiang Folding Walking Cane

LIXIANG Folding Walking Cane, 5-Level Height Adjustable Walking Stick for Men & Women with Comfortable Plastic T-Handle Portable Walking Stick, Rosy Floral Printing
  • ★LIXIANG COLLAPSIBLE& COMPACT WALKING CANE - In order to provide a convenient option for those needing assistance, we develop this folding walking cane. It can smoothly and securely locks in place to provide extra stability while walking on any surface. Ergonomically-designed grip T-handle together provide users with maximum safety and comfort while exhibiting high quality and sustainability. This collapsible cane is compact, easily fitting into a purse, briefcase, carry on or wheelchair bag.
  • ★LIGHTWEIGHT & ADJUSTABLE - While remaining lightweight,this folding canes set the adjustment, 5-level height adjustable 32.5'' to 36.5". Constructed with a durable, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum, the folding cane is exceptionally lightweight yet sturdy. The weight of the cane is 0.8lb, while safely supporting up to 250 pounds.
  • ★WRIST STRAP AND NON-SLIP BASE-This walking cane has a removable wrist strap for those moments when you need both hands. Collapsing Design to store and carry along with you conveniently. This foldable cane capped with a slip-resistant rubber tip for additional traction and stability.

This stunning cane is convenient and stylish and comes in 8 different styles to choose from. It can adjust from 32.5 to 36.5 inches and can be folded up easily to fit into a bag or purse. The cane weighs a mere 0.8 pounds and can support a weight of up to 200 pounds.

A carrying bag and removable wrist strap are included for your convenience. The pivoting T-handle is soft and shaped for comfort. The rubber tip is slip resistant ensuring maximum stability.

6 – Campbell Posture Cane

The Original Campbell Posture Cane Foldable Walking Cane for Men and Women - FSA/HSA Eligible - Editorial Recommended - As Seen on TV
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG: The Campbell Posture Cane is light weight and sturdy that makes it easy to carry with you. Made with high-quality material, this innovative mobility device is designed to serve you for years to come.
  • 10 DIFFERENT HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS: 10 different height adjustments to customize the fit. Stand-up Self standing for easy reach. stability tip with 360° traction rings.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WALK: The revolutionary ergonomic grip handle design eliminates downward pressure, making it more comfortable for the shoulder and wrist so when you walk. Feel more independent as this cane also helps you easily get up and out of chairs.

The revolutionary ergonomic handle design eliminates downward pressure thus reducing strain on your wrist and shoulder. This unique design also makes it easier to get up out of chairs. The design also encourages you to look up rather than down thus improving balance, stability, posture and mobility.

It has 10 different height settings and is fitted with a 360’ traction ring base which allows it to stand alone and provides extra support. It folds in half making it convenient for travel.

7 – Hurricane Freedom Edition Folding Cane

HurryCane Hcane-bk-c2 Freedom Edition Folding Cane with T Handle, Original Black
  • Folding Cane: Cutting-edge, patented technology allows the HurryCane, the #1 selling walking cane for men and women in America, to feel like a seamless extension of the body
  • Exclusive Technology: Our walking canes for men and women are equipped with innovative SteadiGrip stabilizing technology that increases traction and improves balance indoors and out
  • Adjustable Height: Customize the fit of this 4-prong cane by adjusting the handle height setting between 30.5" and 37.5"; Base size: 3.5”, folded size: 13.7”

This chic black cane is fitted with cutting edge technology. The new SteadiGrip stabilizing technology of this cane increases traction and improves balance both indoors and out. The 4 prong base pivots and provides shock absorption thus increasing stability. It adjusts easily from 30.5 to 37.5 inches and folds away easily and conveniently. It supports a weight of up to 350 pounds and weighs only 1 pound.

Alternatives to Canes

There are some alternatives to walking canes that offer even more support and stability. If you are needing a lot of support, using a cane can put strain on your shoulder and wrist. If this is the case a rollator or walker might be a better option. You can read our article on the best walkers, but here are a few worth highlighting.

Drive Medical Folding Walker

Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe 2-Button Folding Walker, Silver
  • Walker: Designed for safety and convenience, our handicap walkers feature push-button mechanisms that may be operated by fingers, palms, or even the side of the hand
  • Quality Construction: Constructed from sturdy aluminum, this adult walker offers maximum strength while remaining lightweight
  • Premium Features: Our bariatric walker features an improved cross frame that allows the user to bring the walker closer for increased assistance when standing

This walker or zimmer frame is ideal for people who need more support than what a cane offers. The U shape frame allows for greater clearance and the new cross frame design allows you to bring the walker closer for support when standing.

The strong aluminum frame is lightweight and can support a weight of up to 350 pounds. To increase convenience this walker can be folded using an easy two-button mechanism.

Nova Vibe Rollator Walker

NOVA Vibe 6 Rollator Walker, Purple
  • FEATURES:  The Vibe 6 (6” wheels) makes a statement with style, gorgeous colors and with the features and reliability of a NOVA. We love all of the Vibe colors, but the signature Purple is exquisite and a fan favorite.
  • WHEELS & BRAKES: Equipped with 6" rubber wheels with 1" wide base, NOVA's wheels are durable, great for indoor and outdoor use and make the ride smooth and stable. NOVA's patented feather touch hand brakes are uniquely designed for maximum comfort and control. It is easy to engage the brake with a small grip and minimal hand strength.  Parking or locking  the brakes takes just a gentle push downward on the lever and a pull upwards to release.  Our brakes are backed by the best Brake Warranty with a 5 year warranty on all brake parts
  • SEAT & STORAGE:  The 2” thick padded seat is comfortable, durable and easy to clean.  Seat Dimensions: 13.5"W x 12.5"D. The roomy pouch is great to store and carry personal items - and keep them secure and out of sight. Pouch Dimensions: 14"W x 9"D x 6"H

This stylish rollator comes in a variety of colors and is fitted with four 6inch wheels which are durable making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The feather touch hand break is designed to respond to the lightest touch and does not need strength.

The padded seat is comfortable and easy to clean. The seat pouch is large enough to hold your personal items safely while you walk. The aluminum frame has a lifetime warranty, and the brakes have a 5 year warranty.

Drive Medical Side Style Hemi Walker

Drive Medical Side Style Hemi One Arm Walker, Chrome, Adult
  • Designed for individuals with the use of only one hand or arm
  • Lighter than a walker and more stable than a cane
  • Folds easily with one hand

A hemi walker is more stable than a cane but lighter than a walker. It can be used by people who only have the use of one arm, and it can be folded easily using one hand. It has a strong, lightweight aluminum frame and is fitted with rubber feet for extra grip and stability.

So if you are finding yourself a little unsteady on your feet or you need plenty of support to get around there is something stylish and chic out there to help.

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