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Toilet Lights – A Buyer’s Guide

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Toilet lights are a great way to see your way into the bathroom in the middle of the night without having to blind yourself or wake yourself fully up with full bathroom lights. They can also be a necessity in any home where seniors with impaired vision live.

Despite this, not many homes have them and miss out on a lot of health and safety benefits that these lights can provide you with. Toilet lights help with vision, increase safety, reduce instances of injury, and signal whether a toilet seat is up or not.

Who Needs a Toilet Light?

Seniors and children are the ones most likely to benefit from toilet lights. Although these are very different age groups, the two groups have something in common: they often need assistance using the toilet.

Children are more likely to benefit from colorful lights to help with potty training. Most toilet lights come with different colors and light modes, so young children may find them interesting. A simple installation that does not take longer than 15 minutes turns a scary child experience into something more interesting. In addition to this, boys will also have some… aim-assistance, leaving less mess and less cleaning.

This article focuses more on seniors’ needs, however, and a toilet light can offer even more benefits. Increasing safety, providing a good source of night light, and helping navigation for those with less-than-ideal vision are all benefits that installing a toilet light can offer. Dimmable lights can help those who have difficulties falling asleep, while colorful lights can be set to red hues to ensure you fall asleep after a night-time visit to the restroom even faster. Just be aware of confusion that colored lights an cause for any senior who has dementia. See my article on bathroom safety for Alzheimer’s Disease for more helpful hints.

In reality, many seniors get injured in the restroom. Imagine a drowsy individual walking across hard, slippery surfaces and it’s easy to figure out why. Add to this common issues the elderly may experience, such as unstable blood pressure and blood sugar levels, frequent dizziness, and compromised balance and you can see why installing toilet lights in the restroom is a good idea.

Benefits of A Toilet Light

Having to rely on a strong overhead light for illumination during the night is exactly the type of light that can easily wake you up and compromise your sleep. With a toilet light, there are many benefits that you can enjoy:

  • A better and longer sleep despite nighttime visits to the restroom,
  • Decreased eye strain during nights, as toilet lights can be dimmed,
  • Increased safety, as the light is just bright enough to provide show you the way, but not bright enough to blind you,
  • Increased safety as there are fewer chances for injury.

Types of Toilet Lights

You might think that a toilet light is a toilet light, but like any product today, there are many options available to consumers. Start by asking what it is you’re looking for exactly. What are you shopping for one in the first place? What are your needs?

  • Do you need a light that comes on and off automatically?
  • Do you need a dim light that remains on all night?
  • Is ease of installation most important?
  • Do you need always-on lights in a windowless bathroom or lights that only come on when someone enters the bathroom at night?

Once you have answered all these questions, it may be time to start browsing some models. Look for a combination of factors that you may need and never forget to check online reviews.

Sensor Activated

A sensor activated light is probably the most common type of toilet light. As you approach the toilet for use it lights up. This is a particularly popular style for children who are being potty trained because it makes approaching the toilet fun, not scary. Seniors can benefit from them but it may not be the best option for the elder with dementia.

2 Pack Toilet Night Lights, 16-Color Changing LED Bowl Nightlight with Motion Sensor Activated Detection, Cool Fun Bathroom Accessory - Unique & Funny Gadgets for Christmas Stocking Stuffers
  • MOTION SENSOR AND LIGHT SENSING - Superior motion detection technology detects movements within 5 feet and turns on the nightlight automatically, turns off after 128 seconds if no motion detected prolonging battery life. Dual Sensors working together, LED light will only turns on when they detects motion and low level ambient light. Otherwise, toilet light keeps off to maximize battery life time.
  • 16 LED COLORS & 170 DEGREES Radius- This glowbowl toilet lights glow your toilet bowl and make potty training target fun, 16 colors that can work on a rotation or as a solid color by a control button. 170 degrees coverage makes it detect movement a much wider angle than other globowl lights which can only reach 120 degrees or lesser.

Simple Night Light

You don’t have to buy a light that is specifically designed to attach to the toilet if you have an outlet nearby for a motion sensor night light. This can serve the same purpose while removing the need to clean a toilet light and drawing less attention to the fact that a light is needed for safe toilet use.

AUVON Night Light Plug in with Motion Sensor (120 Lumens), Dimmable Smart LED Night Lights, 1-120lm Brightness, for Bathroom, Hallway, Garage, Toilet (4 Pack)
  • 5 Levels Of Dimming: This bright night light can meet your different lighting needs in different places, 5 lumen levels from 0 to 120(0-30-60-90-120) provide you multiple choices so you can alway enjoy the most suitable and energy-saving lighting mode. 1-30lm can well protect your child away from “monster”, 30-60lm can well light your way to the washroom, 60-90lm can prevent your loved one from falling off from the stairs, 90-120lm can light your garage when you are heading out by car.
  • Motion Detector Included. In Auto Mode, if this motion sensor night light detects a movement in the darkness, it switches on automatically and lightens your way for a total of 90 seconds after the last movement has been registered. Then it turns off again, making it possible to reduce unnecessary power consumption when you do not need them. According to our calculation, using this motion sensor light indoor can save up to 84% energy compared to those without motion sensors.

How to Choose the Right Toilet Light

Choosing the right toilet light for you depends on your needs. You can often overlook the price, as these devices are small, and inexpensive to manufacture. You can also forget about style, as most of them are not even visible. Focus primarily on:

  • The color spectrum that they give off,
  • The color warmth – as some people may be uncomfortable with light that is “too white” or “too bluish”,
  • The power source – plug-in lights are always a better option since they do not require frequent battery changes but they’re more difficult to install,
  • Sensors – most toilet lights have at least one sensor:
    • Motion sensor – may not be the best option, as it may only work once you are very close to the toilet bowl.
    • Daylight sensor – this will prevent the toilet light from coming on when you use the toilet during the day.
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Other Bathroom Accessories for Aging Safely

Besides toilet lights, there are other gadgets that you can install in your bathroom to make every visit to the room more pleasing and less of a hassle. When you age or have an aging family member, you may want to consider all the improvements that you can do around your restroom. These improvements will result in a more comfortable life and increased safety for all family members.

Night Lights

Night lights are soft, almost glowing lights that you can install throughout your home. Strip night lights are always a better option, as they can be used to outline furniture and the walls in any room in the house. You can also install night lights in your restroom. In this case, you may not need toilet lights at all.

Grab Bars Next to the Toilet and Bathtub

Grab bars and shower standing handles are other bathroom improvements that can make your home safer. Seniors may need assistance when using the bathtub and the toilet, but this does not mean they need an enabler. A pair of grab bars that they can get to can improve the ease with which they can get up and sit back on the toilet.

Tall Toilets

Tall toilets are another handy addition to your restroom. These toilets are very easy to sit on and get off and are very likely to make going to the restroom a more comfortable experience. You need not fear that these toilets are too tall, as they are only about 4” taller than regular toilets. Find the proper toilet height if you are doing a new install or consider a toilet seat riser as a cheaper, faster option.

Handheld Shower Head

A handheld shower head is a great thing to have in your shower. They are handheld, so you can easily direct the water flow to where you need it. These shower heads will easily improve your shower experience by making you move around and walk less, providing better rinsing and enabling you to reach all the difficult-to-reach body parts. Leaving shampoo or shower gel on your skin may cause redness, itchiness, and irritation, especially in the long run.

Shower Benches

Shower benches are another useful addition to a senior’s bathroom. Shower benches allow you to sit down while showering and to have a safer experience in doing so. These benches are not just for the elderly, as many younger people use them as well – to lift a foot on while washing it or to sit down while shaving legs, for example.

Automatic Soap / Foam Dispensers

Automatic soap and foam dispensers can promote hygiene while delivering just the right amount of soap. This way, you can improve your hygiene, as the dispenser will remind you to always wash your hands. Installing one will also help you save on soap and save your hand skin, as people usually use way too much soap and leave their skin irritated.

LAOPAO Soap Dispenser, Automatic Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser Touchless Foam Soap Dispenser Rechargeable Bathroom Countertop Soap Pump for Kids Xmas Gift 300ml
  • Hand free soap dispenser: Equipped with high-precision infrared sensor, soap could be foamed and dispensed in 0.25 second. Move hand to sensor area and get soap. To TURN ON/OFF please press power button for 2-3 seconds!!! Single tap is ONLY for switch soap volume.
  • 3 level soap volume design: High(1.8g)/Mid(1g)/Low(0.6g) for options; Quick click power button to switch soap volume;Different color indicator lights indicate different soap volume:White(High),blue(Mid),green(Low).

Non-Slip Mats

Non-slip mats for your shower are a necessity, more than a simple comfort addition. As most non-slip mats are very thick, they may cause you to trip on them. Thin, rubber shower mats are the best thing to use, as they have a large rubber surface that sticks to the shower floor and provides extra comfort and safety for you. If you use a walker, a rubber, non-slip mat will provide better support for the walker wheels.

interior of a bathroom

Toilet Light FAQs

How Do You Use a Toilet Night Light?

A toilet night light works by illuminating the restroom whenever you are in it. Most models have a motion sensor so that you will be able to turn it on by simply entering the room or making a move. These lights provide soft, glowing light for when you need it the most, but do not want to turn on the whole thing.

What Is a Motion Sensor Toilet?

A motion-sensor toilet is simply a toilet seat that is motion activated. This type of toilet seat can sense when you approach it and can lift itself. Once you’re done using the toilet, the toilet lid will go back down and you can flush it safely, without droplets of water ending up everywhere around you. Some expensive toilets can flush themselves when you move away.

Is It Worth Getting a Smart Toilet?

A smart toilet can be a smart investment, especially if you need any of the additional functions it adds to your restroom comfort. Many smart toilet models have built-in bidet functions, toilet seat heaters, and lids that come up and down when you are close or have finished using them. You may want to consider a smart toilet if you need this type of assistance.

Why Put a Red Light in the Bathroom?

Putting a red light in the bathroom to use at night is a great way to preserve your drowsiness when you have to get up at night. The thing is that you are exposed to blue light, your brain starts secreting hormones that should wake you up. By eliminating this light, you can return to bed and fall asleep faster.

Final Considerations

Purchasing a toilet light is a great thing to do to improve your safety, and your overall restroom experience and to improve the number of hours of sleep you get every night. With a light like this, you can go to bed faster and sleep more than with a regular light. The dimmable light, soft light tones, and motion sensor are all characteristics that you should consider before purchasing one.

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