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9 Old YouTubers Proving You Are Never Too Old

by Zac Martin
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When people think about YouTube (or often, just the internet in general) they tend to think of it as the domain of the young. While this may have been true when YouTube was first getting off the ground several years ago, this is no longer the case. There are plenty of old YouTubers as well, generating content that is funny, useful, and encouraging for younger audiences.

The hope here is that you’ll read this article and realize that just because one is old, it doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say. Not only that, but it also doesn’t mean that there’s nobody out there who will listen.

There are plenty of old YouTubers out there who help to dispel this notion that the young don’t want to listen to the old. Need some proof? Check out just a few of the old YouTubers that are out there in our list below.

The Angry Grandpa Show

The star of the Angry Grandpa Show is an old man who goes by Angry Grandpa, or AGP, for short. The channel has a massive audience of 4.72 million subscribers who all enjoy listening to what is really a collection of videos of an old man yelling at things unintelligibly, farting, and complaining about things.

Some of his most popular uploads include the Halloween Whopper Prank, in which his son convinces Angry Grandpa that the Halloween Whopper was poison (30+ million views), the video in which Angry Grandpa smashes his son’s PS4 to pieces (45 million views), and The Walking Dead Prank, where his son tricks Grandpa into thinking that an Ebola zombie outbreak has just taken place.

Just be cautioned that Angry Grandpa has zero filter whatsoever. If he thinks it, he says it, so if you don’t want to listen to a lot of language, Angry Grandpa isn’t for you.

Gamer Grandma

As of 2020, Hamako Mori, otherwise known as “Gamer Grandma” was the oldest YouTuber in the world, actually receiving a Guiness World Record for her achievement. She’s 92-years-old, and solely posts videos of her playing famous, modern video games.

She plays Resident Evil, Dauntless, and a number of other titles that nobody would ever expect a 90-something year old lady to play. The funny thing about Gamer Grandma’s video game preferences is that they’re not the innocent puzzle games that you would anticipate. Her videos regularly feature her busting the heads of zombies in with a baseball bat, piloting fighter aircraft, and the like.

People love her videos too. She regularly garners 500,000+ views for what she posts and has several videos that are up into the millions of views. Check out her work, but definitely turn on the subtitles first as everything she posts is in Japanese.

Shirley Curry

Shirley Curry was the first “old YouTuber” that I ever heard about, first learning about her content several years ago after she was featured in a national news piece. She first became famous for her videos showing her playing Skyrim, an adventure game where an armored knight travels throughout a fantasy, medieval world battling dragons, vampires, ghouls, and other fantasy creatures.

People love her content because it’s everything you could really expect from a sweet, little, old lady playing video game where the protagonist is carrying around a gigantic war hammer and smashing enemies into the ground. “Oh, well that wasn’t very nice, was it, grandkids?” Those are the kinds of things that Mrs. Shirley is known for saying.

She has over a million subscribers as well, so she must be doing something right.

Paul Sellers

If you’re going to get involved in woodworking with hand tools, you need to check out the king of the subject: Paul Sellers. He’s an incredibly respected name within the industry, has published a number of books, and he’s an old man. He has hundreds of videos posted where he details how to use a bench plane, how to polish wood, how to use chisels, and just about anything else woodworking related that you could hope for.

He’s got 571,000 subscribers as well, a pretty good indication that people enjoy what this old YouTuber has to say.


Mr. Stanton most certainly isn’t the most popular YouTuber out there (20.1k subscribers), but he does have a respectable audience base that enjoys listening to this old man talk about ham radio.

He covers a little bit of everything, is very cheerful, and is as old as dirt.

Ham Radio Answers Channel

David Casler runs this channel where he answers just about any ham radio related questions that anybody could ever ask. He’s an old guy with a lot of experience with what he talks about, and though he’s not the most subscribed to member of this list, having 115,000 subscribers on YouTube is nothing to brush aside.

That’s a lot of people that like to listen to what this old guy has to say.


One of the most popular gun video creators out there is hickok45, an old man who pretty much just goes out into his backyard and shoots different guns at different things.

For example, his video of his shooting a watermelon with a 460 magnum has over 45 million views, his talk about an 1860 Henry rifle has 24 million views, and his tips on how to not load an M1 Garand has 17 million views.

He has a whopping 7.05 million subscribers and shows no signs of slowing down, as he posts several gun-related videos per week.

Erik the Flutemaker

Erik the Flutemaker is an old man who posts videos to YouTube on a regular basis of his playing different types of flutes that he’s made in order to drum up sales for his flute business.

He makes Arabian flutes, Oriental flutes, pan flutes, and just about every other type of flute out there that you can think of. He normally only garners about 3000 views per video, but the point here is not so much that this old man is becoming a YouTube superstar as it is that there are plenty of people out there who are more than happy to listen to what this old man has to say about a subject he is passionate about.

Bernard Albertson

Apparently, a retired soldier, Bernard Albertson is an old man sporting a puffy white beard and a handlebar mustache. His channel has 673k subscribers with his most popular video being titled “An old man’s advice” having over 14 million views, in which he gives encouragement to younger kids about never giving up and not letting life overwhelm them.

He also has a number of Bible study videos, other advice videos, and some biographical videos as well. 

Old YouTubers Are Out There

It doesn’t matter what subject it is that you’re interested in, the odds are that there is an old YouTuber out there who is regularly producing content on it and has amassed a respectable sized audience. People do listen to old people, even on YouTube.

If you’ve got a lot to say, why not start your own YouTube channel? You very well could end up joining the ranks of the above men and women.

Are there other old YouTubers out there I didn’t talk about above? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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