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10 Meaningful 90th Birthday Gift Ideas

by Leona Small
90th birthday cake

Every birthday is a big deal, but this special day becomes even more important as we reach milestone ages. And at just a decade shy of a whole century, 90-years-old is definitely something to celebrate!

Ninety-years-old is an age that not many will reach. In fact, only 16% of men and 34% of women live to be 90 years old! So if you’re getting ready to celebrate this special milestone with a friend, grandparent, or another family member, you should be prepared to pull out all the stops.

But what do you get someone who has had 90 years to accumulate all kinds of stuff? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

What Do You Get Someone Who Turns 90?

A 90th birthday can be a tricky one to find gifts for. What do you get for a person who seemingly has it all? Well, 90 years alive means that a person has several decades of memories, friendships, and experiences that could be the perfect inspiration for the perfect gift.

At 90 years old, a person could want a variety of things. Maybe they want something sentimental to remind them of their favorite people or favorite memories. They could also enjoy something referencing their incredible age – either in an impressed sort of way or a humorous way. There’s also a high possibility that the almost 90 year old in your life isn’t looking for more stuff. In that case, you may want to look into experiences or “free” ways to show that person that you’re thinking of them on their special day.

How to Honor a 90 Year Old

Whether you’re looking to purchase a gift or not, there are still many ways to honor your loved one on their 90th birthday. One thing that senior citizens often want more than anything is quality time with the people they love. Instead of just sending a gift and forgetting about it, make sure they know the thought and love that’s behind the gift wrapping. Even if you can’t be with them in person, plan to give your loved one a call on the phone or do a video chat if they’re up for it.

10 Most Meaningful 90th Birthday Gift Ideas

If you’re ready to find the perfect gift for the 90-year-old in your life, we’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started. Whether you choose to go with these exact ideas or just use them as a starting point, the birthday guy or gal in your life will be forever grateful!

1) Custom Blanket

Blanks are always a crowd favorite with any group, but what could make the gift even more special? Customization, of course! This fully customizable blanket allows buyers to upload up to 10 photos and custom text to make the blanket truly one of a kind.

D-Story Custom Blanket Personalized Blanket with Photos Text Customized Picture Throw Blanket for Adult Kids Friends for Birthday Christmas Halloween Valentines, Memorial Gift, 10 Photos,5 Sizes
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If this is a relative, find photos of you and your other family members or even ones of you all together. If it’s a close family friend, find old photos of the two of you together to make him or her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or if the birthday guy or girl has a sense of humor, take it a step further and only upload photos of your own face! Finally, top it all off with a “Happy 90th Birthday” message – or put your own spin on the text section.

2) Funny Mug

This humorous mug is the perfect gift for the 90 year old in your life who loves to laugh! The text reads “I am not 90, I’m 18 with 72 years of experience” – showing everyone that they’re still young at heart!

aiyaya 90th Birthday Gifts for Women Men - I'm Not 90 I'm 18 with 72 Years of Experience Mug - 90 Year Old Present Ideas for Mom, Wife, Sisters, Grandma, Her, Friends, Coworkers - 11 oz Coffee Mug
  • 💖 BEST 90TH BIRTHDAY GIFT - The lettering “I AM NOT 90 I'm 18 with 72 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE” was printed on both sides of the I'm Not 90 mug. 90th Birthday Mug is a great gift idea for a grandma and grandpa who is going to celebrate their 90 years old soon. I'm not 90 I'm 18 with 72 years of experience mug is a Vintage Birthday Gift for senior Men and Women that will make them laugh and smile.
  • 💋 IT MAKES RELATIONSHIPS CLOSER - When the one is drinking tea or coffee, she or he will remember who gifted her or him this great gift. The mug will be with her or him for a long time, serving as a constant reminder of a cherished relationship.

This gift is sure to get a laugh out of the birthday guy or girl, and they’ll never forget the occasion on which they received it. And, even better, they’ll use it nearly every morning with their daily coffee, tea, or beverage of choice.

3) 90th Birthday Necklace

Jewelry is always a great option when you’re searching for the perfect gift. And this beautiful necklace is both a fashionable accessory and a powerful message! If you were to just see someone wearing it, you may not understand the meaning behind it – it just looks like a beautiful necklace. But luckily, the accessory comes with a description explaining the significance of the shape.

Annamate 90th Birthday Gifts for Women 925 Sterling Silver 9 Circles Necklace For Her Nine Decade Jewelry 90 Years Old Birthday Gift
  • 90TH Birthday Gifts for Women: This beautiful and delicate handcrafted necklace features interlocking solid rings with elegant sterling silver twisted rings. The rings are intertwined and hangs from a strong delicate chain. Circles symbolize infinite love, strength, protection and unity. We handcraft her pendant with nine interlocking rings, giving each ring a different finish to represent each decade of her life. 9 rings for 9 fabulous decades, 90th birthday gift idea for friend, sister, mum.
  • 90th birthday gifts: This 90th necklace jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver, great quality to last a lifetime. Nickel Free, Lead Free. You can wear this 90th birthday necklace comfortably on any occasion, as they are lightweight and safe and do not depress or irritate sensitive skin. The chain is of great quality, safe and stylish, and will not break on you. This 90th birthday gift will make you beautiful and special in the crowd.

The pendant consists of 9 rings, and the inscription reads “9 rings for 9 amazing decades”. It also includes a poem, speaking to how grateful the giver is for the recipient. The poem itself is enough to make the recipient tear up, but the necklace is a great way to remind them every day how much you love them!

4) Floating Photo Signs

These hanging photo frames are a stylish way to add some sentimentalism to your loved one’s decor. Maybe they have a ton of photos that they’ve been looking for ways to display. Maybe you want to get some photos printed and set them up for the birthday guy or girl.

Aiyome 6 Wooden Wall Hanging Photo Frames With 27 Clips, Decorative Collage Picture Frame, No Drilling Required, Adhesive Stickers, Easy to Install, Carbonized Brown
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Whatever you choose, these unique frames will light up any room, and your loved one will always be reminded of you and everyone else they love whenever they look at them. Moreover, you could also take the time to set these up and hang them as part of the birthday present! The 90 year old in your life will equally appreciate the task and the time they get to spend with you.

5) Snack Gift Basket

If your 90 year old already has enough decorations, mugs, or other gifts cluttering up their space, get them something that will bring them joy every time they partake in it! Even just the photo of this snack basket is enough to make your mouth water, so imagine their excitement when they see it show up on their doorstep. It includes a variety of snacks including chocolate-covered pretzels, caramel corn, and chocolate squares.

A Gift Inside Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket
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You can even select occasion-specific packaging to make it even more special! And, even better – if you hand-deliver this gift, they may let you have a taste or two.

6) Flowers

Real flowers never last, but these realistic artificial flowers will continue to look beautiful, even when your loved one is getting ready to turn 100! Calla Lilies are beautiful flowers that will match any decor style. Gift them as-is, or put them in your favorite vase before delivering them.

Mandy's 20pcs White Fake Flowers Artificial Calla Lily Silk Flowers 13.4" for Mother's Day Easter Home Kitchen & Wedding
  • Materials: Flower is made of soft Polyurethane (PU), stem is made of Plastic.
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Either way, the 90 year old in your life will appreciate the beautiful decor without the extra work involved in keeping them looking fresh.

7) Throw a Party

family gathered for grandmother's 90th birthday

What better way to celebrate 90 incredible years of life than with a full-blown party? Get the birthday guy or girl their favorite food, nostalgic music, and 90th birthday decorations, then invite all of their favorite people to join them. After all, 90 years is a lot of time to accumulate a lot of favorites. Your loved one will be thrilled to see all of their friends and family together, celebrating a life that’s been lived to its fullest.

8) Take a Trip

It’s pretty likely that a 90-year-old doesn’t necessarily want or need more stuff. However, experiences are one thing people can never quite get enough of. Whether this is an all-out vacation, a day trip to a local city, or maybe an outing to a place that holds significance in their life, the birthday guy or girl will love the opportunity to get out of the house and experience something new. And, bonus, they’ll get to do it all with their favorite person – you!

9) Create a Scrapbook

For the nostalgic 90-year-old in your life – what better way to display all of their memories than with a scrapbook? Pool together photos from friends, family, and your own collection to create a scrapbook full of memories. They’ll love seeing photos from throughout their lives, both old and new. And if they ever find themselves missing you or other people, they’ll have an entire book to remind them of how much love is in their life.

10) Take Them Out to (or Cook Them) Dinner

We all know that the pinnacle of human happiness is food. If your 90 year old has a favorite food or restaurant, plan a day to take them out. This could either be one-on-one or with a group of other people who want to celebrate their special day. If they’re more of a home-cooked meal lover, make them a meal right there in their kitchen. They’ll love the chance to eat their favorite foods, but they’ll also love the quality time they’ll get to spend with you.

Do You Get Something Different for a Grandma?

grandma's 90th birthday

If that special 90 year old in your life happens to be your grandma (or someone else’s grandma who has taken you in as their own grandchild!), that could inspire a gift that’s even more special than more generic ideas. After all, grandmas are some of the strongest and most loving people we know, so they deserve something special to match!

For example, that funny mug you were going to get could specifically reference the person being your grandmother. If you were putting together a collection of photos, you may include more family photos so she has memories from your entire family tree. If you’re going for jewelry, there are tons of grandma-specific options out there that will make the gift even more special. If you’re still looking for ideas, our list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandmas is a great place to start.


90 years old is a huge accomplishment, so we know how important it is to find the perfect way to celebrate the incredible life of your loved one. But know that whatever you get that special 90 year old in your life, they’ll just be grateful for your thoughts, kindness, and love. Because even if they already have everything they could ever want, there is nothing money can buy that can replace you and the other special people in their life.

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