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Book Review – Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue

by EG

caregiver_stressI just finished reading Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue.  The author, Heidi Crockett, reached out to me saying the book/workbook was written in memory of her husband and out of her passion for caregivers who she feels are often forgotten in our healthcare system.  The book is large print and a short read but is captivating by combining recent neuroscience information about how caregiver stress affects the brain and Heidi’s personal struggles as a caregiver.  I like how it is interactive with its do-it-yourself workbook style.  It is obvious that the author wants caregivers to learn how to better manage stress so they don’t become ill from the effects of stress.

I learned there is a category of science research called, “Interpersonal Neurobiology,” (IPNB) that brings together over 12 disciplines of science to explore “all ways of being and knowing.”  For psychology nerds, this book is a fascinating introduction to IPNB and for those interested in learning more, Heidi quotes her favorite IPNB books in her reference section.  For a lay-person, some of the neuroscience terminology especially in the chapter on brain integration could seem too technical.

I think the book would especially appeal to male caregivers as it is a science-focused, self-care tool.  I would have liked to have heard more about Heidi’s experience as a caregiver, rather than a few short snippets throughout the book.  Heidi speaks nationally on stress reduction, brain health, and intimacy. More information about her can be found at her blog: www.HeidiCrockett.com

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