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13 Gifts for Grandchildren Who Have Everything

by Leona Small
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Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, graduation, or Christmas, there are times when you need to find some gifts for grandchildren. While they may have given you a list of the things they want, you are searching to give something just a bit more.

I already wrote about great boardgames for grandkids, but perhaps that didn’t provide sufficient ideas. Perhaps they already have everything they need. Their parents are well-to-do, or perhaps your grandchild has done well of their own accord.

Some well-intentioned grandparents may have given too many gifts in the past, leaving grandkids (and their households) swimming in products that are not used. There’s gift-giving etiquette here to be considered.

In such cases, how do you successfully accomplish your goal? What are the gifts for grandchildren who have everything?

Look at our list below, and I think you’ll come away with some original ideas to help get your creativity flowing.

3 Gifts for the Grandson Who Has Everything

Let us first start with some grandson-specific gifts. If you’re looking for a masculine gift for the growing man in your family, here are a few good places to start:

1. An Heirloom Pocket Knife

Every man needs a knife in his pocket, and a knife with history behind it is something special to hold. A quality made knife, such as a Case, that has been in the family for decades can serve as a fantastic gift to a grandson.

It’s not only an item that he’ll use repeatedly throughout the course of a day, but it’s hard to find a man who doesn’t inherently understand the importance of a good blade and the specialness that comes from one that has been passed down from one pillar of the family to the up and coming one.

2. A Pocket Watch

a pocket watch

Few men nowadays seem to understand the importance of always being able to know what time it is. A phone is not always to be relied upon, and sometimes it is nicer to have a classier alternative to turn to. For this, a pocket watch can easily fill the part.

Stuhrling Original Men's Pocket Watch Stainless Steel Analog Skeleton Watch Hand Wind Mechanical Movement Stainless Steel Chain
  • Stainless steel pocket watch featuring skeleton dual-sided dial, Roman numeral hour markers, and 12" link chain with belt clip
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For the grandson who is constantly on the move and has promises to keep, a pocket watch can serve as both a stylish but as a very functional gift.

3. A Sword

Be honest. This is something you wish you had as well. What man doesn’t want a sword? Even if all it’s going to do is spend it’s time mounted to a wall, a sword is a fantastic masculine gift that will be cherished.

Cold Steel MAA Hand-and -a-Half Sword , Black
  • 1055 Carbon
  • Leather Scabbard with Blued Steel Fittings.

Cold Steel has some amazing options available and at a very economical price point as well. I recommend looking into Scottish broadswords – particularly hand-and-a-half designs.

2 Gifts for the Granddaughter Who Has Everything

Perhaps it’s your granddaughter whom you are shopping for. What do you get the granddaughter who has everything? Well, we believe the following two options are solid places to build from.

1. Heirloom Jewelry

Most girls love to accessorize with jewelry. The phrase ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ wasn’t manifested out of thin air. It came about as the result of a common observation. Just as the gift of a heirloom rifle or pocket knife instantly resonates with a grandson, so the same takes place with a piece of heirloom jewelry that is given to a granddaughter.

Whether it’s an old pearl necklace, or your mother’s wedding ring, an old piece of jewelry from the family is sure to be a hit with your granddaughter.

2. A Locket

Hallmark movies have taught us three things: city girls love country boys, plumbers are chick magnets, and lockets make fantastic gifts to granddaughters. A locket filled with a small picture of you will serve as a constant reminder to your granddaughter that she is always loved and that you are always there to listen.

More Gifts for Grandchildren Who Have Everything

These are the gifts that would do well being given to either a granddaughter or grandson. It doesn’t matter who you’re giving these to, either way, they’re going to love them.

1. Your Memoirs

grandfather writing memoirs

Here’s a gift that perhaps will most be appreciated as your grandchild becomes a full-fledged adult themselves. Having taken the time to put pen to paper and write down who you are, how your life played out, and what the most important lessons are that you ever learned can easily prove to be one of the most treasured gifts that you can ever give your grandchildren and is sure to prove to be a heirloom item from that day forward.

This is a gift that your grandchildren will in turn give to theirs.

2. A Camera

For the budding artist in your family a camera can help them to discover a passion that they never knew they had. Yes, every smartphone out there has a high-quality camera attached to it, but a designated Nikon can take some fantastic pictures. 

Fujifilm X-T4 Mirrorless Digital Camera XF16-80mm Lens Kit - Silver
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This is the gift of a hobby that will open your grandchild’s eyes to a whole new world as they now begin to look at the things around them through a different lens. Blades of grass are now worthy of being remembered, sunsets are captured, and architecture is noticed.

Photography can easily lead to the creation of a means of moneymaking in the future as well. The college kid that knows his way around a camera is always in demand on campus for senior pictures, engagements, proposals, weddings, and the like.

3. Chickens

Don’t laugh! A little flock of chickens may be just what your grandchild has always dreamed of! Children are notorious for bringing animals home with the question ‘can we keep it?’ etched into their faces as they hold the little critter up high for momma to see.


With a little flock of chickens, the childlike desire for something to care for can be satisfied. Aside from being hilarious to watch, chickens offer plenty of learning opportunities as well. Food is produced daily, structure in the form of daily chores is created, and the child gets the opportunity to learn what a bit of responsibility in a very fun manner.

Check with their parents first!

4. An Instrument

Perhaps at no other time in one’s life does one have the amount of free time as one does during childhood. There is plenty of down time, and as a result there is plenty of time to learn new things as well. One of these things can be music.

Dixon One Piece Low D Whistle
  • Dixon low d whistle, one piece - tapered bore low d whistle, made from black plastic.
  • Made by tony dixon woodwind - a really good range of british made plastic flutes and whistles

Whether it’s the gift of a ukulele, guitar, low D whistle, or something larger such as a piano, an instrument can be a gift that eventually rewards yourself as well. Should your grandchild take to the instrument and learn their way around it, you’ll eventually be rewarded with song.

And knowing such a melody came about from your own generosity? Well, that can be music to your ears.

5. A Hand-Turned Pen

These aren’t seen very often anymore, but that by no means indicates they aren’t a fantastic gift. If you are fond of woodwork yourself and have access to a lathe, a hand-turned pen is a fun way to show your grandchildren that you not only love them, but that you think about them a lot.

This is a gift that will constantly be on their person as they go to school, run errands, and eventually, work on bills at their desks.

Scriveiner British Racing Green Fountain Pen - Stunning Luxury Pen with Chrome Finish, Schmidt Nib (Medium), Best Pen Gift Set for Men & Women, Professional, Executive, Office, Nice Pens
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In the same vein, a fountain pen can serve as a fantastic memorable gift to the grandchild who had everything as well.

6. Concert Tickets

Does your grandchild simply adore a particular band, musician, or singer? Gifting them concert tickets to see such is to gift them a memory. This is something that they’ll always remember and think back fondly on.

friends with concert ticket

Whether it’s a Justin Bieber concert with a best friend, or the chance to finally hear Two Cellos with you, either way you have the makings of a fantastic gift here.

7. A Trip Outdoors

There is much that one can learn while out in the wild. And not necessarily just about bushcraft and camping either – though those skills will most certainly come to the forefront of regular practice during such a time as well.

Being away from the busyness of modern life – from one’s regular routines and scope of faces – forces one into a different state of living. One gets the chance to think about a lot of facets of life that otherwise one perhaps wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to.

cliff adventure

Outward Bound offers guided expeditions with a group of other students as several weeks are spent in the backcountry (sometimes internationally) on sailing, backpacking, rock climbing, or kayaking expeditions.

One often receives college credit for these courses to boot. If somebody has just gone through a significant life event such as graduating high school and is now wondering what’s next, the gift of such a course may help them to find the direction they’re looking for.

8. A 3D Raised Relief Topographical Map of Their Hometown

Maps beckon one to adventure. And a raised relief map is one of the most exciting ways to portray on paper where one’s roots lay. These can easily be purchased for anywhere on the globe and serve as an excellent piece of wall art that your grandchild will find themselves staring at over and over again.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve found the above lists of some value in getting you to think of the perfect gift for the grandchild who has everything. At the very least, perhaps it has gotten you to think of something not on this list but that was somehow related to it.

Either way, let us know your thoughts. Did you find the above helpful? Are there other gift ideas you think make great gifts for the grandchild who has everything? Let us know in the comments below!

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