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5 Best Wheelchair Gloves for Improved Mobility

by Leona Small
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Are you a wheelchair user seeking the best wheelchair gloves to improve your movement? There are a lot to select from, each coming with its characteristics and benefits; they are also made of various materials. Wheelchair gloves are important wheelchair accessories that help to improve mobility. 

Using your hands to move a wheelchair is the norm for most people, but that can mean pain after a long time. Also, gloves complement other equipment like the wheelchair transfer board — they make handling easier and less strenuous. 

I’ll detail how wheelchair gloves can be used to enhance mobility. In order for you to decide on which one to get that will serve the required purpose well, this article outlines the five best wheelchair gloves online today that you can choose from.

How Wheelchair Gloves Help

If you are wondering how the wheelchair gloves help or the purpose it serves, we’ll talk about the usefulness of the wheelchair gloves and why it is important to wheelchair users.

Hand Protection

Wheelchair users will have to use their hands to control the wheelchair every time. Using your hands to start, stop, and turn the wheelchair repeatedly may probably result in pain, blisters, calluses, and discomfort. Also, the hands need to be protected from adverse weather conditions, like during cold periods when the wheel becomes too cold to touch. The wheelchair gloves help to protect the hands of wheelchair users against the formation of calluses and blisters.

Additionally, the stability your hands will provide will ease the strain on your joints and nerves in your arms, allowing you to move with less effort.

Wheelchair gloves can be quite beneficial, even if you already have painful calluses or blisters. The majority of available gloves have cushioning, which will lessen pressure and pain on your hands. Conversely, gloves offer compression to help with persistent hand pain, which will help you feel better.

Improved Grip

To allow the user to effectively grip the hand rims of the wheels, It is pertinent that they use wheelchair gloves. We certainly do not want to have any problem with propelling the wheelchair, as hands tend to loosely grip the hand rims of the wheel with time. The wheelchair gloves provide the improved grip needed to propel the wheelchair and the maneuverability of the wheelchair.

Better Power

For mobility, power is critical for wheelchair users. Wheelchair gloves provide better power required to propel them compared to when hands are used. A wheelchair user using hands to propel tends to suffer from strain on the shoulders and arms, but with the wheelchair gloves on, the strain on the shoulders and arms is reduced, giving rise to improved power.

How to Choose the Best Gloves for You

Having discussed the importance of wheelchair gloves, it is good for wheelchair users to have enough information that guides their decision in purchasing wheelchair gloves so as not to get any kind of gloves that won’t serve their intended purpose. 


When we decide to purchase wheelchair gloves, we have to consider the prices. We can always get wheelchair gloves that match our budget, as they are always available on Amazon. Their products vary in price to fit different budgets.


The materials used to make the wheelchair gloves are one key thing to look at. Wheelchair users want gloves to make them comfortable. With the complaints of breathability of the gloves by wheelchair users, we don’t want gloves to make our hands irritated, sweaty, and sore while using them.

We have varying kinds of materials, with each of them having its advantages and disadvantages. Neoprene is a highly breathable material that is flexible, light, and waterproof but also readily gets damaged. 

For cold areas, you might want to consider gloves that are slightly breathable and made of leather, as they are strong and flexible. Gloves made of lycra are very flexible, although they are usually not as strong as the other materials mentioned here.


This is the gel or rubber padding within the wheelchair gloves that are used to protect the hand while it is holding the wheel rims. The glove’s fasteners and cuffs are the next elements. These not only give a strong attachment but also enable the glove to fit pleasantly around the hand. Velcro fasteners and elastic cuffs are both options for fasteners.

Padding is crucial because it aids in keeping blisters and calluses from forming. But be cautious since much padding may limit the flexibility of your gloves.


Oftentimes, this part is an overlooked feature of wheelchair gloves, but you want to make sure you select a pair that suits both your personality and general style. For instance, if you enjoy sports and exercise, a sporty pair will look really good on you. Also, there are styles if you’re more interested in fashion and want to make sure your wheelchair gloves go with your carefully selected wardrobe.

We also have full-length and cutoff/fingerless wheelchair gloves. It depends on the users to choose a more convenient one. You should buy the cutoff/fingerless gloves if you desire gloves that offer more versatility and have applications other than controlling your wheelchair. 

You can utilize the touch screen on your phone with cutoff gloves since they give your upper fingers greater freedom to move freely. On the other hand, the best level of protection is offered by full-length gloves since they completely enclose the hand. Cold areas might require users to go for full-length gloves.

woman with gloves on wheelchair

Best Wheelchair Gloves on the Market Today

Let’s take a look at the top 5 wheelchair gloves that buyers may wish to take into account. The best wheelchair gloves, along with their materials and advantages, are detailed below.

Best All-Purpose Gloves – Mesh Net Soft Leather

Mesh net soft leather are fingerless double padded gloves for wheelchair users. The gloves are also perfect for cycling, driving, and weightlifting. 


  • The materials it is made of are durable, breathable, and comfortable.
  • It can serve multiple purposes for workouts, biking, and juggling.
  • This set of gloves improves grip for users with arthritis and also lessens pain.
  • These gloves truly aid in giving essential traction for navigating cracked sidewalks and ascending and descending hills.


  • The design problem as the knuckle holes weren’t perfect.
  • Not ideal for users with sweaty hands

Best Purpose Built Gloves – Rebo

The leather used to make these wheelchair gloves is soft to the touch. It has a strengthened construction for durability and is shock-absorbing.

Rebz wheelchair full thumb fingerless gloves ideal choice for active lifestyle wheelchair gloves for men non slip grip to boost mobility breathable wheelchair gloves for intense sports- racing
  • LEATHER WHEELCHAIR GLOVES: Made of high-quality 4-way stretch material for durability design with pull-on closure for easy wearing Rebz gloves provide Full leather palm and strong wrist closure strap for a snug fit. Ideal for wheelchair users and mobility scooter accessories
  • BREATHEABLE WHEELCHAIR FINGERLESS GLOVES: Features ultra-stretchable, four-way material for a precise fit that ensures optimal breathability and moisture-wicking Reinforced palm Shock-absorbing design and dense stitching for durability


  • Fits wells on the hands, and that gives comfort.
  • Relieves pressure on the hands


  • Not ideal for use on steep roads

Best for Sweaty Hands – Ventilated Workout Gloves

Neoprene is the material used to make these gloves. It provides a particularly firm grip and comfort. Both men and women can use these gloves to exercise since they offer the best wrist support. 

Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Workout Gloves with Built-in Wrist Wraps for Men and Women - Great for Gym Fitness, Cross Training, Hand Support & Weightlifting
  • FULL PALM PROTECTION * No more torn hands and calluses. Fit Active workout gloves are designed to protect the palms of the hands from calluses and tears that can occur during weight lifting training exercises. LESS RIPS AND TARES, MORE PEPS AND PR'S
  • BUILT-IN WRIST WRAPS * Experience these uniquely designed weight lifting wrist wraps that offers both men and women a superior training experience and superior wrist support with each and every work out. Excellent for performing Olympic lifts such as snatches, push press, front squats, and other workouts


  • The materials it is made of are resistant to water, dangerous chemicals, oils, heat, and aging, making it a durable glove that lasts long.
  • Improves grip and wrist support.
  • Helps users’ hands sweat less because of more airflow.


  • Needs to be washed regularly.
  • There is not enough padding.

Best for Limited Hand Mobility – Leather Full Open Adjustable Palm Gloves

These gloves have a half-finger design made of cow leather material with an inside lining of polyester fabric that has a reputation for offering improved tractability, tear, and fracture resistance. Additionally, it features grip pads and a quick-velcro fastening.

Wheelchair Gloves Cow Hide Leather Fingerless Full Open Easy Adjustable Palm Padded Gloves for Manual Wheelchairs Accessories Outdoor Activities (X-Large)
  • Heavy Duty - Cow leather Material gloves are manufactured with 100% polyester Fabric as an inner lining that has a history to deliver better for tractability, tear and crack resistance. This makes this product more rigorous in physical activity and last for a very long time. Material is soft and comfortable. It helps you a great deal when you use your wheel chair.
  • Pu Grip - These gloves are made with PU grip throughout the palm for improved grip and Secure hold. This exclusive material makes you feel more natural while making the fist and preventing the fabric from bunching up uneasily in your hand. Assists your palm and fingers during traveling.


  • Easy to use.
  • The well-placed padding provides users with good wrist support.
  • The gloves are opened completely and are good for people without finger mobility.


  • It is best for situations with limited hand mobility; it is not exceptional in other conditions.

Most Colorful – Kango Fitness

This pair of fingerless gloves are made of leather and mesh and has a gel-padded palm for increased comfort. It is perfect for beginners or casual users. Additionally, it functions as a versatile tool for riding a motorcycle, cycling, and the gym.


  • The materials it is made of are durable, breathable, and comfortable.
  • For multi-purpose use for workouts, biking, and cycling
  • It is ideal for beginners or casual users.


  • It might not be best for adverse weather conditions.

Wheelchair Tips for Improved Mobility

To improve wheelchair mobility, wheelchair users have many things to take note of so as to ensure mobility without any hassle.  

Maintaining a correct posture is crucial when seated in a wheelchair. This is the first thing to consider for wheelchair users. This provides comfort as it lessens unnecessary strain on the body. It also facilitates the more efficient performance of duties and activities. In addition, good posture makes it easier to maneuver in a wheelchair, which lowers the risk of injury and promotes health.

For wheelchair users, experiencing strains in different regions is a common occurrence. Maintaining excellent posture is very important in that it helps to relieve strain on various regions of the body which includes the neck, thighs, spine, and buttocks. 

Still maintaining correct posture, every region of the body, from the upper part, which includes the arms and hands, to the lower part, which includes the thighs and legs down to the toes, needs to be in the ideal position in relation to the next. It is also very important that the wheelchair offers the best posture support, as they work hand in hand, making its use very efficient.

We cannot mention improved mobility without talking about comfortability. Maintaining a correct posture is essential to reduce the amount of work needed to use the wheelchair, lower the danger of repetitive strain injuries and also ensure the wheelchair serves its intended purpose over a long time.

Here are some helpful wheelchair tips that improve mobility for wheelchair users. 

fingerless gloves near campfire

Wheelchair Adjustment

Wheelchair users generally have different ways in which they use wheelchairs. The wheelchair is generally adjusted for proper placement and to obtain the correct posture. The wheelchair has so many parts, which include the tires, the wheels, the axles, the casters, the seat height, the backseat footplate, the footrest, and the armrest that can be adjusted to suit the user. Let’s look more closely now.


It is crucial that the wheelchair seat is the proper size, neither too wide nor too narrow. An imbalanced posture may result from a seat that is too wide, and if the seat is too small, sores and severe discomfort may arise. Pressure and stress might arise from the seat being overly short or lengthy. The seat’s bottom should be sturdy enough to prevent the user from sinking in.


Once more, the position of the footrest is crucial. For the ankles and knees to feel comfortable, they must be at the proper angle. Too much pressure may be placed on the buttocks If it’s too high; if it’s too low, it may change the posture of the hips.


Generally speaking, it is always advisable to support the elbows at a 90-degree angle while seated in a wheelchair. Positioning the armrests lower may prevent the user from falling to one side, while positioning them higher can put a strain on the neck and shoulders. Along with the arms, the neck muscles can also rest on the armrest. The side guards may be used in place of the armrests to protect against splashes and mud, depending on the wheelchair user and their lifestyle.

More on a Healthy Wheelchair Posture

How to position the body on the wheelchair is always important; below are a few tips on how we can do that.

  • Maintain the natural curves of your spine.
    Your spine’s natural curves should be maintained properly to avoid discomfort and long-term harm. Your spine has three natural curves, so to stabilize them, sit up straight with your shoulders back and refrain from sagging or tilting to one side. Your wheelchair is not supporting your posture well enough if you find it difficult to stay in this position.
  • Ensure that your feet are stable
    Your body may become out of alignment if your feet are not adequately supported. This can be improved by adjusting the height and placement of the footplates; make sure they are at a height that ensures your weight is distributed properly and your hips and knees are at the proper angles.
  • Ensure that the head is positioned centrally
    Your chin should be slightly tucked-in while seated in a wheelchair with your head upright and in the center. Your spine may become misaligned if your head does tilt forward, backward, or to one side, which would be quite painful. There are additional neck, or head supports you can buy for more comfort and support if you are unable to maintain a centered head position.
  • Ensure your arms are supported.
    As was mentioned, the placement of your armrests can either push or pull your shoulders down. This has an impact on your head position and the upper curves of your spine. Therefore it’s crucial to stand at the right height and make sure your arms are supported. The right height will support your arms, maintain level shoulders, and preserve the curves of your neck.


Everyone is aware that exercise is one of the mainstays of keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is fantastic for your heart and circulatory system as a whole, but it’s also fantastic for your mental health and may be used to treat conditions like sadness and anxiety. 

There is a sport out there that can accommodate anyone’s ability, despite the fact that everyone’s physical capabilities are unique. In this case, it helps wheelchair users develop their arms and other parts involved in mobility. 

Your front chest muscles are working extra hard if you’re in a wheelchair. In particular, if flexibility and muscle imbalances are not corrected or paid attention to, this can lead to postural abnormalities and problems.

Also, let’s not also forget the use of wheelchair gloves; the advantages have been extensively discussed earlier. You should get one!

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