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15 Best Disposable Bed Pads for Seniors

by Leona Small
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When you or a loved one suffers from incontinence, it’s tough to devise an economical and sanitary solution that everyone can agree on. One option to consider is the use of disposable bed pads. These multilayered absorbent mats can be placed on wheelchairs, car seats, chairs, or beds to minimize urine damage. Caregivers can change the soiled pad and replace it with a fresh one instead of stripping the bed or needing to do a deep cleaning on other fabric surfaces. 

Disposable bed pads are called “chux” pads because you chuck them after use. They were first used in hospitals to reduce blood and urine clean-up in the 1950s. They are now also commonly found in nursing homes and other long-term care centers. These days, many bed pads are made with super-absorbent polymers with odor control.

How to Choose Disposable Pads

Disposable bed pads for senior incontinence are typically square or rectangular. They come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies. Because of the variation of quality, you may need to try a few brands before finding something that works well for your situation. 

With so many different disposable bed pad options, how can you decide what’s best? Let’s look at some essential features.


Not only should the bed pad absorb fluids quickly, but it should not spill over when you move the pad. The absorbent material in the core of the bed pad is usually a polymer derivative which will absorb the fluid and convert it into a gel. Fluid absorbency can range from three to thirty-four ounces. For comparative purposes, an adult bladder can hold up to 16 ounces.


Bed pads typically come in sizes ranging from 17 x 24 inches to 40 x 57 inches. Smaller pads are most convenient for chairs, car seats, and wheelchairs. Larger ones are better for mattresses. If needed, several can be overlapped for more coverage area.


The bed pad should be absorbent, and the materials should prevent soreness and odor. The moisture-proof back sheet material is also an important aspect of the bed pad design. Most chux have a plastic waterproof backing. Although plastic is a more economical material choice, it will slide around. Bunching or sliding means that it may not stay in place long enough to do its job of blocking fluid from seeping through the underlying surface. Some bed pads have adhesive strips to reduce movement. 

Bed pads that are air-permeable wick away moisture from the surface and keep any exposed skin cool and dry. They also tend to be strong enough not to rip if you need to reposition a person by tugging the edges. Some disposable bed pads have an additional quilted top layer making them more comfortable.


Although individual bed pads aren’t expensive, the costs can add up if you use them for an extended period. Medicare does not cover incontinence supplies or adult diapers. However, your state’s Medicaid program might provide reimbursement for medically necessary incontinence supplies, which include bed pads. Check with your local agency for more details. 

Diaper banks are charitable resources that can help defray the cost of bed pads. You can find a directory of state agencies here. Needymeds.org has coupons and rebates on a variety of medications and medical supplies. Local swap sites like Craigslist could be another place to find incontinence supplies. 

Your local Eldercare agency, which is sponsored by the U.S. Administration on Aging, is another organization that might be able to locate free or reduced-price bed pads for you. If you are a qualifying veteran, disposable bed pads might be included as a medically necessary item under the Veteran-Directed Care program.

stack of under pads

How to Use a Disposable Pad

Disposable bed pads should be placed on the mattress, either under or on the fitted sheet, with the absorbent side up. You can set several overlapping bed pads on the bed if you need to cover a more extensive area. 

To keep the mattress cleaner, create several layers of stain protection. First, cover the mattress with a waterproof mattress cover. Then top that with your disposable pad. Next, put the sheets on the bed and add another disposable pad. Finish making the bed. For heavier incontinence, add a third disposable pad. 

You can try a few things to keep the bed pad from moving. First, a zippered fitted sheet will fit more tightly than a regular fitted sheet and help keep the pad in place. Also, as mentioned previously, some bed pads have adhesive strips to keep the chux in place. Adhesive backing might be a better choice if the patient is a restless sleeper.

Chux can be used to protect car seats from stains as well. Place the disposable bed pad on the car seat and position the passenger on it. Wheelchairs and sofas are other places a disposable bed pad can come in handy. 

Soiled bed pads should be replaced with dry chux as soon as possible to reduce skin irritation. To dispose of a bed pad, fold it and place it in a trash receptacle. Chux are not flushable, so do NOT try to dispose of them in the toilet.

15 Disposable Bed Pad Options

Keep in mind that chux are for more than just for seniors. Potty training toddlers, pets being housebroken, and post-delivery or post-surgery care are just a few other occasions that a supply of disposable bed pads can come in handy. So let’s look at a selection of disposable bed pads that might meet your needs.

1 – REMEDIES Underpads Disposable Super Absorbent Bed Protection 

Remedies - Disposable Bed Pads 30" x 36" - 50 Count - Large Bed Pads for Incontinence - Seniors, Adults & Kids Chucks Pads - Adult Absorbent Incontinence Disposable Underpads for Beds & Furniture
  • INCONTINENCE BED PADS - Help soak up urine, liquids, accidents and body oil with our disposable adult size pads for bed, furniture, wheelchairs, cribs and more. Each under pad is latex free with a soft fluff fill layer that increases absorption to keep skin and furniture dry and clean.
  • SUPERIOR ABSORBENT PADS - Our 30" x 36" pads have a 85 gram fluff weight with our specially engineered 3g Super Absorbent Polymer cover for enhanced protection against stains and odors. Features an embossed non skid backing and wetness indicator to alert you of an accident. Each pad holds up to 8x its weight in liquid.

REMEDIES Underpads Disposable Super Absorbent Bed Protection comes in 25, 50, and 100-count quantities. These bed pads are 30″ X 36″ and weigh 85 grams. They can absorb up to eight times that weight. Each pad has three grams of super absorbent polymer, which keep the fluid from leaking. The embossed polypropylene backing is waterproof and has reinforced edging. REMEDIES is a latex-free product. 

2 – Brosive Incontinence Bed Pads

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Brosive Incontinence Bed Pads measure 36″ x 23″ and have a 1200 ml to 15000 ml absorbency rating. The top layer is made of a soft, non-woven diamond pattern fabric. The successive two layers are breathable tissue paper fill. The fourth layer contains absorbent fluff pulp and super-absorbant polymer. The backing is leak-proof, non-slip Polyethylene Film and sealed on all four sides. Brosive bed pads have no irritating chemicals, salts, or dyes. These come in packages of 40 chux.

3 – Unifree Disposable Underpads

Unifree Disposable Underpads, Bed Pads, Incontinence Pad, Super Absorbent, 50 Count, Blue (XL 30x36 Inch)
  • Great Value For The Money. Globally Sourced High-quality Material For Well-designed And Affordable Products.
  • Comfortable and Safety. Soft Top Layer. 100% Latex Free. No Irritating Chemicals, Salts, or Dyes.

Unifree Disposable Underpads come in two sizes, 30″ x 36″ and 36″ x 36″. The top layer is non-woven. The center layers are composed of micro polymer beads, paper tissue, and fluff pulp. The backing is PE film. Unifree bed pads are latex, irritating chemical, salt, and dye free. Each package contains 50 individual underpads. 

4 – Hand-E Touch Triple Layer Protection Chux Pads

Disposable Bed Pads for Adults - 10 Pink 30" x 36" Chux Pads - Odor Lock Incontinence Pads - Triple Layer Protection Chucks Pads - Heavy Absorbent Underpads
  • Triple Layered Protection - Hand-E soft and absorbant chucks pads for adults are the most absorbent and leak-proof incontinence pads on the market, with their three-layer protection.
  • Leak-Proof - These pads for beds for incontinence adults will save your furniture, mattresses, and couches from any wetting stains or urinary problems. They deliver zero leakage on your furniture.

Hand-E Touch Triple Layer Protection Chux Pads are available in 10, 25, and 50 quantities and 17″ x 24″, 23″ x 26″, and 30″ x 36″ sizes. They have a unique odor-resistant component and come in several colorful designs. 

5 – Nurture Valley Ultra Absorbent Disposable Bed Pads with Adhesive

40 XL 36 x 36 Heavy Duty Ultra Absorbent Bed Pads w/ Adhesive by Nurture | Disposable Chux Liners, Underpads, Adult Incontinence Hospital Grade Chucks
  • Advanced Absorbency Technology: Experience unparalleled comfort with our XL Heavy Duty Ultra Absorbent Bed Pads, boasting a revolutionary 5-layer design. Each pad within our 40 count pack holds up to 1.5 liters, employing advanced polymer technology to rapidly absorb urine as a protective barrier. This innovative approach keeps both you and your bedding dry, providing a tranquil, odor-free sleep environment.
  • Secure Non-Slip Design: Our bed pads ensure unwavering stability throughout the night. They are crafted to stay firmly in place, eliminating the inconvenience of shifting or bunching. The non-slip attribute enhances safety and comfort, making our pads an essential component of incontinence care. Our product is also available without adhesion for more versatile, adjustable needs.

Nurture Valley Ultra Absorbent Disposable Bed Pads with Adhesive measure 36″ x 36″ and can absorb up to 1500 ml of fluids. Each pad has two adhesive back strips to keep it in place. The top layer is quilted. The second layer is odor-blocking. The third layer is the ultra-absorbent core moisture-locking layer. The backing is waterproof. Nurture Valley bed pads have no salts, dyes, or irritating chemicals and come in packages of 40.

6 – Inspire Super and Ultra Absorbent Disposable Bed Pads

Inspire Ultra 125 Gram Extra Large Super Absorbent Bed Pads for Incontinence Disposable 36 x 36 in. | MAX Absorbent with Polymer Incontinence Bed Pads Liner Chucks Pads Disposable Puppy Pad Large
  • WATERPROOF, LEAKPROOF AND SUPER STRONG: Pad is reinforced with waterproof backing to stop leaks and keep all surfaces dry. Strong pad to prevent tears and rips. Underpads for chronic underpads.
  • PERFECT DOG PAD: Size and absorbency makes this pad an ideal choice for larger dogs. Not your thin scrappy puppy pad. Extra large and absorbent, put an end to clean up.

Inspire Super and Ultra Absorbent Disposable Bed Pads measure 36″ x 26″ and come in packets of 50. This heavy-weight pad has an inner layer of gelling polymer which is absorbent and odor-reducing. The backing is waterproof and latex free. 

7 – Depend Underpads

Depend Underpads - Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads, Triple Layer Absorbency for Adults, Kids, and Pets, Slip Resistant, 36"x 21", 24 Count (2 Packs of 12) (Packaging May Vary)
  • Depend Underpads (disposable bed pads), overnight protection, 24 count (2 packs of 12)
  • Absorbs Fast: These incontinence pads come with a thick, triple layer system that absorbs fluid fast

The makers of Depends undergarments also manufacture Depend Underpads. These 24-count disposable bed pads are 40 percent thicker than other leading brands. They have three layers, including a soft fabric top layer and slip-resistant backing, and measure 36″ x 21″. Depend products are HSA/FSA-eligible. 

8 – Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats

Goodnites Disposable Bed Pads/Bed Mats for Bedwetting, 2.4 x 2.8 ft, 36 Ct (4 Packs of 9)
  • 36 Goodnites Disposable Bed Pads for Bedwetting (4 packs of 9), 2.4 x 2.8 ft
  • Features the same super absorbent technology as Goodnites overnight bedwetting underwear

Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats measure 2.4 x 2.8 and are designed to fit any twin bed. Each mat has an adhesive backing and uses the same super absorbent design as Goodnites underwear. Each package has 36 hypoallergenic bed mats. Goodnites are HSA/FSA-eligible.

9 – Kindersense Disposable Bed Pads

KinderSense® Ultra Absorbent Disposable Bed Pads for Potty Training 33.5" x 31" (20 Count) - Bedwetting Mat & Mattress Protector - Incontinence Pads with Adhesive Leakproof | Alt. to Training Pants
  • Training diapers can affect a child’s self confidence. These discreet bed wetting pads are The perfect alternative to protect your child’s bed while he or she sleeps.
  • These premium bedwetting mats open up to a large 31” x 33.5”, designed to fit a toddler bed and up. The mats have large adhesive strips along the edges to keep it securely in place.

Kindersense Disposable Bed Pads measure 33.5 “x31” and come in 20 or 40-count quantities. The soft, quilted top layer is non-woven and can absorb up to 20 fluid ounces. These bed pads have large adhesive strips to keep them in place. The underlayer is waterproof. Kindersense pads are hypoallergenic and contain no dyes, chemicals, latex, phthalate, paraben, fragrances, or lead. 

10 – ProHeal Premium Disposable Chucks 

Premium Disposable Chucks Underpads 25 Pack, 30" x 36" - Highly Absorbent Bed Pads for Incontinence and Senior Care - Peach Color - Leak Proof Protection
  • BEST CHUX PADS: These disposable bed pads are super thick, comfortable and big to offer plenty of coverage and protection to keep your bed and furniture dry for plenty of time!
  • TRIPLE LAYER: The top is a cloth type fabric which is soft and comfortable on the skin, the middle core is a heavy duty moisture proof polymer barrier, and the bottom is a waterproof backing.

ProHeal Premium Disposable Chucks are a soft peach color and are available in quantities of 25, 100, or 200. The top layer is a soft cloth-type fabric. The middle layer contains a moisture-proof polymer barrier. The backing is waterproof. These bed pads are designed for heavy absorbency. Even after being saturated, the layers won’t separate. They measure 30″ x 36″ and are latex free. 

11 – ProHeal Premium Disposable Chucks for Low Air Loss Mattresses

Premium Disposable Chucks Underpads 23" x 36" - Highly Absorbent Bed Pads for Incontinence and Senior Care - Leak Proof Protection - for Low Air Loss Mattresses
  • AIR PERMEABLE CHUX PADS: These disposable bed pads are air permeable for use on a low air loss mattress. They are super thick, comfortable and big to offer plenty of coverage and protection to keep your bed and furniture dry for plenty of time!
  • TRIPLE LAYER: The top is a cloth type fabric which is soft and comfortable on the skin, the middle core is a heavy duty moisture proof polymer barrier, and the bottom is a waterproof backing.

ProHeal Premium Disposable Chucks for Low-Air Loss Mattresses are designed for low-air loss mattresses. These air permeable chux pads come in 12, 72, and 144-count and measure 23″ x 36″. The top layer is soft and comfortable. The central core comprises a heavy-duty polymer barrier that is moisture-proof and odor-reducing. The third layer is the leak-proof backing. These bed pads can hold a large amount of fluid for overnight protection. ProHeal’s chucks are latex free. 

12 – PULP Disposable Incontinence Underpads

Pulp Extra Large 36" x 36" 50 Pack Ultra Absorbent Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads | High Absorbency Waterproof Underpads for Mattress, Sofa & Chair for Babies, Children, Adults, & Elderly & Pets
  • FAST ABSORPTION: Utilising micro-diamond absorption channel technology each disposable incontinence bed pad works to rapidly control the distribution of liquid evenly across its surface area. This allows for faster absorption up to 1500ml reducing the worry of dampness and ensures maximum use of the large 36" x 36" size.
  • SUPERIOR LEAK PROTECTION: Featuring an efficient five-layer construction. Each disposable incontinence bed pad comprises a super absorbent polymer core engineered to rapidly absorb liquid. A polymer hydrophobic waterproof backing sealed on all four sides prohibits leakage from the bottom and sides, even under pressure.

PULP Disposable Incontinence Underpads measure 36″ x 36″ and come in a package of 50. The micro-diamond absorption channel design ensures fluids are absorbed rapidly and evenly, preventing spills. Each pad can absorb up to 1500 ml. The underpads have a polymer core and waterproof polymer backing that is sealed on all sides. These chux are hypoallergenic and tear-resistant. 

13 – Royal Care Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads 

Royal Care Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads - Chucks Pads for Adults - 5 Layer Waterproof Pee Pads for Men, Women, Kids - Baby Changing Pads - Quick Dry Underpads for Pets (23 X 36, Pack of 35)
  • Package Includes; Packed handily with love and care, our package includes pieces of disposable underpads Great for men, women, babies, adults and pets etc
  • Quickly Drying Procedure; Our chux pads are designed with a premium flash-dry technology which quickly form liquid into a gel Avoids liquid tracking and bad smell

Royal Care Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads come in packs of 35 and measure 23″ x 36″. The diamond quilting allows for quick absorbency of up to 7 cups. The fluid gels up to prevent spilling and odors. Each chux has five layers of protection.

14 –  Wave Ultra Heavy Absorbency Disposable Incontinence Underpads

Wave Ultra Heavy Absorbency Disposable Incontinence Underpads are 30″ x 36″ and are available in packs of 25 or 50. The top layer is breathable quilting. The second layer is a tissue sheet. The third layer is the fluff core. The fourth layer is a polymer core. The fifth layer is another tissue sheet. Finally, the backing is made of PE Film. These are hospital-grade pads designed to absorb fluids quickly and reduce odor. These latex-free bed pads dry within 60 seconds, which protects the skin from irritation. 

15 – Medpride Disposable Underpads 

Medpride Disposable Underpads are smaller than most of the bed pads listed in this article at a size of 7″ x 24″. However, these latex-free pads can be purchased in bulk, either 100 or 300 count. The center is a fluff-filled polymer core for fast-drying comfort.


As you have seen, the sizes and absorbancy capacity vary greatly between brands. You may need to try a few different varieties before settling on one that works for you. 

There’s no denying that disposable bed pads can reduce the discomfort of incontinence by making it a quick clean-up when accidents happen. For additional protection, you can use bed pads in addition to absorbent briefs, adult diapers, waterproof mattress protectors, and waterproof bedding.

Don’t forget that chux can also be useful when you are housebreaking pets, potty training your toddler, or recovering from surgery. The convenience and improved hygienic conditions they allow for mean that having a supply on hand is never a bad investment.

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