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Senior Forums and Facebook Groups – A Complete List

by EG
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Most seniors are quite computer-savvy these days, savvy enough to go online looking for senior forums and Facebook groups.

They can maneuver their way around the internet and social media sites with ease. For some, it’s a convenient way to remain in touch with their adult children or beloved grandchildren.

However, seniors are also discovering that there is quite a bit of useful information for them online. The web can be a treasure throve of opportunities for seniors to exchange information. For seniors living alone, connecting with other seniors on the internet can be a way of making new friends.

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Senior Forums and Facebook Groups

The following list of senior forums is in alphabetical order. Each will have its own unique, senior-related focus (generally). Some, naturally, are more active than others.


Aging Alone – This Facebook group is “a place for individuals to seek and offer support regarding growing older in our society without a network of support and sometimes finding the path bumpy or lonely.”

Aging Care – This group provides support and friendship the caretakers of those growing older.

ALZ Connected – This message board is for anyone connected or affected by Alzheimer’s or other cognitive decline. Find support and get advice.


Best Life for Seniors – This Facebook group highlights the benefits of growing older. This is a private group.

Buzz 50 – This is another over-fifty Facebook group for seniors around the world to share ideas.


Elder Orphans Facebook Group – This group focuses on seniors without a spouse or children.


GransNet – This forum is for grandparents to connect and chat with other grandparents on all topics.


Facebook Meet Up – The Meet Up group lets seniors meet compatible other seniors in their area. It is not a dating site.


Just Us Seniors – This group is for seniors to interact and share stories and anecdotes. Just a few friends getting together for a chat.


Lesbian Co-housing & Retirement Communities – This Facebook is “a place to discuss interest in and need for elder and inter generational lesbian living arrangements.”

Lesbian Seniors’ Network – This is a Facebook group for – you guessed it, lesbian seniors.


My Itchy Travel Feet – This Facebook groups helps seniors find bargains and the best prices for traveling.


Never Mind the Bus Pass – This website has a humorous take on life after 50.


Older Is Wiser – Here seniors over 50 can find relevant forums and chat rooms.

On Her Own But Not Alone – This Facebook group is meant to educate and support female travelers.

Our Time – This is a dating site for mature singles.


Plant Based Over 50 – This Facebook group is “for all over 50s who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.”


Red Hat Society – For all women to develop friendships and enjoy activities together.

Reddit.com/r/Seniors/ – A Reddit senior discussion forum.


Senior Forums – A forum for discussions about all things related to seniors.

Senior Net – This is a senior group open to discussions about all types of topics.

Seniors Aloud – This is the senior site for news about money, health, and all things of interest to seniors.

Senior Site – This site covers all topics of relevance to seniors.

Solo In Style: Women Over 50 Traveling Solo & Loving It! – A Facebook for those who fit its name.

Stitch – Stick brings people over 50 together to share activities and make new friends.


University of Third Age – Senior can further their education online with this Facebook group.


Women’s Facebook RV – This connects and supports women involved in the RV lifestyle.

If you know of an online senior forum or group that should be included here – drop a note in the comments section! We’ll be sure to check it out.


Ken Anderson October 26, 2023 - 7:12 pm

The Seniors Only Club has been online since January 2015. It can be found at http://www.seniorsonly.club

Wendy April 11, 2023 - 2:59 pm

I’m rather desperately lonely. I lost my home, my husband, my family, children, grandchildren, and I have not one friend. I don’t have a car so I can not leave the one room I live in. I have very little hope for any kind of future.

Judy May 9, 2023 - 1:50 pm

Are you unable to walk? Seems we all as we get older have adjustments to make of some kind. Find a chat room or something to keep you busy you apparently have a computer or phone with Internet access. All kinds of things available…

Wishing you all the best…

Julie Katz July 22, 2021 - 3:10 pm

The following are all Facebook groups:
-Aging Alone
-Grace and Frankie Find a Home
-Solo in Style (travel group for women 50+)
-Lesbian Seniors Network
-Women Looking to be Golden Girls
-Elder Orphans Cook
-Lesbians 60 and Over
-Elder Orphans Relocating
-Plant Based Over 50
-Lesbian Co-housing & Retirement Communities

Derrick July 23, 2021 - 12:19 pm

Thank you, Julie!


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