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National Memory Screening Day Represents an Opportunity for Seniors and Providers

by EG

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) initiated National Memory Screening Day in November 2003 as part of AFA’s ongoing effort to promote early detection of memory problems, including Alzheimer’s Disease, and to encourage intervention and treatment. The AFA collaborates with organizations, agencies and health professionals throughout the U.S. to offer FREE, confidential memory screenings.

National Memory Screening Day is November 16, 2010

This represents not only an opportunity for seniors (or anyone for that matter) to have access to a memory screening, but it’s also an opportunity for senior service agencies to host a screening. The benefits of hosting a screening should be obvious, they 1) allow the agency to serve community members, and 2) act as an indirect marketing tool to promote agency awareness in the community and memory loss education.

Anyone interested in taking part in a free memory screening can search for a screening site here.

Any agency interested in being a screening site should sign up here. The AFA provides all necessary tools free of charge to effectively administer memory screenings on National Memory Screening Day. Participating sites will receive a secure Web site link that details most materials with additional materials sent by mail.

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