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Dakim Brain Fitness Training Software Review

by EG

Dakim contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing their new software program called BrainFitness. I agreed.

They pitch their brain games as such:

Dakim brings you a truly remarkable brain fitness system because we offer a never-ending and ever-changing supply of highly stimulating and truly enjoyable brain games tailored especially for users 50+ years of age. Our games are not only a ton of fun, but they are easy to play for users with a broad spectrum of cognitive abilities. And because Dakim® BrainFitness™ constantly self-adjusts its level of challenge as they play, all users are sure to maintain optimal levels of stimulation, to help them maintain healthy brains and lead more vibrant and enjoyable lives

The software is presently selling at $249.00 for personal use. Dakim also markets to senior living providers, but at an unspecified cost.

I was skeptical at first, for reasons stated in my Crosswords Will Not Prevent Alzheimer’s post. Once the “newness” wears off any game, the mind adapts to the form and familiarity of the game, which then limits the mind challenging aspects it initially presents. I’ve long felt a better way of staving off cognitive deficits would be to embark on something more significant like learning another language, learning to play an instrument, etc. I was pleased to see that Dakim’s BrainFitness program is not an ordinary brain game.

There are a few attributes that makes Dakim’s product different from other computer brain games, specifically:

  • the games vary, challenging the mind in different ways
  • they were developed for a target audience, those 50+ years old
  • they offer a mix of interesting trivia and memory challenging games

The varieties of games are aimed at developing six cognitive domains: short-term memory, long-term memory, language, critical thinking, visuospatial orientation and computation. The variety is important, because it challenges the mind in different ways.

I would recommend Dakim’s product for aging service providers that offer activities to older adults (depending on price). I’m thinking specifically of senior centers, adult day care providers, assisted living facilities, etc. I would also recommend the product to individuals age 50+ that have a strong interest in challenging computer-based games. The cost may be prohibitive for some. Some online games are available for free online, but those typically come with numerous ads and the better games require subscription fees. I think Dakim has built an interesting product that may prove quite profitable as more people in their targeted age bracket look for easy, fun ways to keep their minds challenged.

Post Update – Dakim contacted me to state the following:

As for the use of our technology at Senior Living communities, we are today the leading brand of brain fitness to that market and our system (full touchscreen computer) is now being used in approximately 420 communities nationwide. We have several pricing programs, but the most popular is the one that serves up to 99 residents in a community.  We charge $1,500 for each touchscreen computer required by a facility and then we charge an annual fee of $3,500.  So the per resident cost of our system, if we round to 100 people, is $35 per year, or approximately $3 per month, per resident for a brain fitness program that is customized for the individual.

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