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Cane-Fu Martial Arts Training for Self Defense

by Derrick
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There’s a martial arts training sweeping the nation among older adults called Cane Fu or more simply – cane fighting. Perhaps it’s more accurate to describe it as old techniques finding new popularity as the nation’s population gets older each day and more people become interested in active lifestyles and personal safety.

What is Cane Fu?

Cane Fu is personal defense using one mighty weapon – the conventional cane. This martial art makes perfect sense for senior citizens as the cane is not only a physical walking aid, but it is an unassuming self-defense weapon, perfectly legal everywhere, and – when in the hands of someone that knows how to use it – a formidable weapon.

There are three branches of this martial art in the United States. The first is Dave McNeill’s Goju Shorei. The second is Mark Shuey Senior’s American Can Systems, otherwise known Cane Masters. The third is Joe Robaina’s Cane-Do Kai.

Long known by martial artists, but less known by the general public, the cane, when in the hands of someone trained in its use, is an exceptionally effective tool for self-defense. The sport, exercise, or whatever you’d like to call it has become so popular that the Wall Street Journal even wrote about it in an article entitled Everybody is ‘Cane-Fu’ Fighting At Senior Centers, So Watch Out.

While any cane can be used, the best canes for self-defense are made of hardwood, because they don’t break on impact and they deliver a hard hit. Read this from the WSJ article:

Most of the seniors who take cane classes rarely wield them against anyone. But Bill Carter, a 56-year-old who took a class from Mr. Shuey in Florida a few years ago, says the instruction came in handy one day in April last year when he walked into his house in suburban Jacksonville to find an intruder in his kitchen taking TV dinners from the freezer. As the man approached him, “I popped him on the kneecap,” Mr. Carter says, and “hooked him behind the neck, and was able to guide him to the door.”

Cane Fighting Books

The ideal training for Cane Fu is with a qualified instructor. If this is not available to you, it is possible to gain some basic cane self-defense training directly from books. Here are a few to consider:

You will, of course, need a quality cane made of Mahogany or some other strong material.

Cane Fighting Summary

Whether you are interested in self-defense or simply want some exercise, Cane-Fu fighting can be a great way to become active and socially engage with others, and who knows – it just might save your life.

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