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Dakim Brain Fitness Software Reader Give Away

by EG

Dan Michel, owner of Dakim Brain Fitness, spoke to NBC Television in Washington D.C. recently about his new product, a piece entitled Slow the Onset of Dementia. You can watch the 3 minute interview here. Read my review of the Dakim Brain Fitness software.

My review of the product has generated a modest amount of search engine generated web traffic, so it’s clear to me that people have an interest in the product.

I am giving away the Dakim Brain Fitness software I reviewed to a random reader, this is a $249.00 value! Want to enter? You can do any of the following:

  1. Write a brief (200+ words) review of ElderGuru.com on your own aging related website or blog with a link back to this site.
  2. Go to the ElderGuru Facebook page, like it and suggest to your Facebook friends that they like it, too.
  3. Subscribe to Elder Guru email or RSS updates in the upper right hand corner of the site.

If you write a blog review on your site, send me an email at elderguru (at) gmail.com with a link to the review.

If you suggest your Facebook friends like Elder Guru, write that you did so on the Elder Guru Facebook wall.

If you subscribe to updates, send me an email telling me so.

You can have one entry to win for each, in other words, if you do 2 of the 3, you will be entered to win twice. I will track the entries and number them in the order. The entry deadline will be February 11th at midnight. I will then go to random.org to determine a random winner by submission number. The winner will be announced the following Monday.

Good luck!

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