Medicare CardMedicare offers a new interactive map showing geographic disparities in chronic disease among Medicare recipients. This map examines racial and ethnic disparities, as well as geographic, across the United States. Take a closer look for data on many specific topics, including:

  • The prevalence of 18 chronic conditions
  • Medicare spending
  • Hospital utilization, preventable hospitalizations and readmissions
  • Mortality rates

Offered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Office of Minority Health, the map is designed to help target populations for interventions. Users can sort by state or county of residence, age, sex, ethnicity and other factors.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently released the Social Security Red Book for 2016. A summary of employment supports, the book’s designed to help anyone on Social Security or Supplemental Security Income.

The Red Book’s especially valuable for

  • Educators
  • Rehabilitators
  • Counselors working with people with disabilities
  • Advocates for people with disabilities

This year’s edition offers information about work incentives, local services, how work affects benefits, and more.




Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Events for Professionals

March 21, 2016

ASA’s Annual Aging in America Conference What: The American Society on Aging (ASA) hosts an annual conference to share knowledge on topics aging professionals face today. Learn about aging and community, the economics of aging, the next 50 years of Medicare and Medicaid, culturally competent services, and much more. Who: Professionals working within the aging […]

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CMS Pilot Project to Test Improving Health by Connection to Social Services

January 14, 2016

The Department of Health and Human Services revealed a pilot program with $157 million in funding to test the bridge between clinical care and social services. The program will determine whether screening beneficiaries for health related social needs and referral to community based services will improve quality and affordability in Medicare and Medicaid. “For decades, […]

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Medicare Part B Premiums: Will Yours Be Raised in 2016?

October 19, 2015

Medicare Part B could raise some premiums in the new year by as much as 52 percent. The hike would be the largest in Medicare’s history. Recipients affected would pay increased monthly premiums, from about $104.90 to $159.30, or $318.60 for married couples. Recipients with higher incomes would pay more. According to estimates, those in […]

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Court Victory for Ohio Assisted Living Residents

September 23, 2015

Cincinnati, Ohio seniors Betty Hilleger and Geraldine Saunders spoke up after being denied complete coverage under Ohio’s Assisted Living Waiver program. Due to a coverage gap in Medicaid, the two seniors, along with many others in Ohio, faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in assisted living charges. Ohio assisted living residents dealt with delays in […]

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Reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) in Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Homes

September 22, 2010

Any medical professional working with seniors in a skilled nursing home setting knows the impact a Healthcare-Associate Infection (HAI) (sometimes call “hospital acquired infection”) can have on a senior. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, an HAI is when someone develops an infection at a hospital or other patient care facility they did not have […]

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Medicaid’s Look-Back Period, Time, Assets and a Long-Term Care Example

March 10, 2010

(What is Medicaid? How do I apply?) Medicaid recipients, their caregivers, and people that think they may need Medicaid to cover long-term care expenses in the near future should be aware of Medicaid’s “look back” period if they plan to transfer assets to loved ones. The easiest way to explain the look back period is […]

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Medicaid Information: What is it? How do I Apply?

March 30, 2009

What is Medicaid? Medicaid is the federal government’s health insurance program for low income seniors, pregnant women, children, people with disabilities, etc. Seniors have been relying on Medicaid since it was established with Medicare in 1965 under the Social Security Act. Medicaid is funded with both stated and federal dollars and it covers hospital and […]

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