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Scrotox – Botox for Your Scrotum – Worth It?

by Leona Small
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Scrotox as a medical procedure has been around for about two decades. Traditionally used to treat CSP (Chronic Scrotum Pain), scrotox has since then evolved into a cosmetic procedure – and many swear by its benefits.

Making your scrotum look bigger and fuller, the procedure has also increased in popularity since 2016 as more young men start to experiment with their bodies and showcase them on the web.

What’s Scrotox?

Besides the purely cosmetic function that most young men are trying to achieve, Scrotox is a legitimate procedure used to treat chronic scrotum pains emerging for different reasons. It also ensures better cooling of the area ‘down there and may even help increase sperm count in some men. In addition to this, the Scrotox procedure reduces sweating, as the whole area is cooled down by hanging lower thanks to Botox application.

What is Botox?

Botox, or Botulinum Toxin A, is a mild, medically-inspected, and safe-to-use form of neuromodulator. When injected into muscles (such as those found in the scrotum), it can numb those muscles and make them less sensitive to the stimuli coming from the brain. This is the same type of injectable that is commonly used on the upper third of the face to reduce involuntary contractions of the muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead.

In a scrotox procedure, the same substance is applied to the muscles found in the scrotum. These muscles ensure good thermoregulation of your testicles by lifting them up (when you are cold, such as when swimming) or hanging them low (when you are hot, such as on a hot summer day). This effectively reduces or increases the surface area that the heat can be given off of and helps your testicles stay at optimal temperature for spermatogenesis (sperm production).

Scrotox Before and After

However, some men may find that their testicles are always way too up and enjoy moments when they are hanging lower. After all, lower hanging testes also mean more pleasure during intimate moments and their bigger appearance. You should note that the scrotox procedure does not make the testicles bigger – it simply makes them hang lower and appear to have increased in size.

Some men are naturally more endowed than others when it comes to these matters, so making their testicles appear bigger may be the primary reason young men decide to undergo the scrotox procedure. It’s also becoming common among senior men who are finding ways to stay frisky as they age.

Do I Need Scrotox?

man holding eggs and considering a scrotox

Scrotox can be both a medical and cosmetic procedure, depending on the reasons why you decide to have it. As we have stated before, the scrotox procedure was first used to treat chronic testicular pain. These pains may appear for a variety of reasons, such as spermatic cord changes or even varicocele – swollen scrotum veins.

Scrotox is only recommended once more traditional procedures for resolving these testicular problems have failed to give results. Around ⅔ of the men who had Scrotox say that the procedure helped relieve pain where other procedures failed. However, these are not the only reasons you may want to get Scrotox. Here are common reasons why men get Scrotox:

  • To reduce swelling,
  • To reduce discomfort,
  • To increase pleasure during intimate moments,
  • To increase the apparent size of their testicles,
  • To enhance thermoregulation of their testicles, and
  • To help them feel more confident about their testicle size.

Testicle Scrotox Results

As all these reasons to get scrotox are legitimate, it remains to be seen what kind of results you can get. Scrotox is becoming a common procedure, so it is necessary to know that you can achieve satisfactory results with it. Most cosmetic surgeons will be able to perform the scrotox procedure, and you will be able to enjoy scrotox results:

  • Decreased pain levels, especially in men suffering from varicocele and malformed or clogged spermic cords,
  • Lower hanging testicles, which decreases sweating and improves temperature regulation,
  • More pleasurable moments with your partner, especially as the testicles are hanging lower and are more sensitive,
  • Increased self-confidence in front of your partner, especially as your testicles look much bigger, are smooth and easier to stimulate,
  • Better thermoregulation and increased semen production (especially in men who wear tight underwear – more research is needed to confirm initial, self-reported findings), and
  • Decreased sweating.

What Does Scrotox Do?

If you like all the benefits above that Scrotox can provide, you should consider getting a Scrotox procedure. Scrotox is a simple injection of Botox into your scrotal muscles, and, as such, it numbs those muscles, making them relax and lowering their hanging point. The effects of Scrotox take a few weeks to fully develop and last for anywhere between 3-4 months.

How Else to Get Bigger Balls?

wall street bull testicles

As one of the biggest benefits of Scrotox is having bigger-looking balls, you should also know that applying Botox can make muscles slightly swollen. This, too, increases the size of your scrotum, although it does not address the size of the testicles themselves. In case you would like a more thorough approach, you should also consider getting testicular cups or even implants – a special type of silicone insertable which inflates your scrotum without any danger to the testicles.

Scrotox Procedure

If, however, you decide to stay with the Scrotox procedure, you should know that the procedure itself does not last longer than 30 minutes. After a topical anesthetic (no needles here) is applied, your surgeon will wait for fifteen minutes before starting injecting Botox.

The surgeon will inject Botox into several areas of your scrotum to make a total coverage in Botox and ensure esthetically pleasing results. The injecting part itself lasts some 2-4 minutes. You can get this procedure as an outpatient during your lunch break.

Scrotox Injection Site

Scrotox is a procedure in which Botox is injected into your scrotum. Not just anywhere, as your scrotum is a sac holding your testicles, the spermatic cord, and the muscles supporting the testes. It is injected into the muscles of the scrotum, making them relax and hang lower than usual. There will be no pain during the procedure, and only minor bleeding will be noticeable.

Scrotox Recovery

Scrotox recovery is immediate. As there are no wounds or incisions, and the bleeding is kept at a minimum, the recovery is pretty much non-existent. What you should do, however, is ensure that you do not lift anything heavy on the day of the surgery and immediately after the surgery. The bleeding will be minimal – just small droplets on the injection sites.

Scrotox Side Effects

As scrotox is a very light procedure with minimal time spent in the clinic, needless to say, there are few side effects to the scrotox procedure. Some common side effects of scrotox include:

  • Mild scrotum pain – usually goes away within a few days,
  • Swelling in the area – especially in patients with varicocele,
  • Bruising – normal considering multiple injection points – bruising is gone within days,
  • Feeling of tightness – as your scrotum hangs lower than usual, and
  • Lower sperm count – as they hang lower, your testicles may cool too much – consider wearing more supportive underwear.
male testicles

Where to Get Scrotox

You can get scrotox with any specialized cosmetic or plastic surgeon. If in doubt, a quick online search will help you find clinics in your area where you can enhance your manhood. It is important to note that there are cheap Chinese copies of Botulinum Toxin A on the market. Beware of surprisingly cheap deals, which may damage your muscles and nerves and leave you with permanent damage.

Scrotox Cost – Worth It?

The average cost of getting scrotox in the US is around $500. This is the cost of a single procedure. Is it worth it?

Most men are satisfied with the look and the feel of their scrotum after the initial scrotox session, so they do not need any revisions done. If you would like to make your testicles drop even further, or you are not happy with the esthetic results, you can choose to have a second Botox application to your scrotum.

Scrotox FAQs

What Are the Benefits of Scrotox?

There are many benefits of scrotox. They include reduced sweating, bigger-looking testicles, and more confidence. In addition to this, many men (and their partners) report increased sexual pleasure, as well as better mood during intimate moments with their partner.

Can You Put Filler in Your Balls?

You should not put fillers in your balls, especially not by yourself. You should know that any unsupervised procedure that is not commonly practiced by plastic or cosmetic surgeons can be very dangerous. Silicone fillers, for example, can even lead to silicone pulmonary embolism, a fatal state resulting from silicone entering the bloodstream.

How Quickly Does Scrotox Work?

You should be able to see the first scrotox results within days from the scrotox procedure. It takes almost a month to see full results. You will be able to enjoy an enlarged and a younger-looking scrotum for three to four months.

Does Zinc Make Your Balls Bigger?

No, there is no evidence that Zinc can make your balls bigger in any way. Studies have shown that Zinc when taken as a supplement, can boost spermatogenesis – the production of semen. There is no evidence suggesting that balls can be enlarged using Zinc supplements.

Final Considerations

Scrotox took a short time to evolve from a medical to a cosmetic procedure. The sheer benefits of having a larger, smooth, and more pleasurable scrotum were enough to convince many young men that this is their desired procedure. To ensure that you can enjoy these benefits, too, consult your doctor and ask for recommendations on a reliable clinic where you can get scrotox done.

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