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Renault Clio Car’s Swivel Seat Could Help Senior Drivers

by Derrick

Here is a “Why didn’t I think of that?” idea for car manufacturers. The Renault Clio car has a newly designed swivel seat. Seriously – why hasn’t this been thought of before, especially for cars built with elder drivers in mind?

I own a Build Park Avenue, a car typically associated with older drivers. Our Park Avenue has a seat adjustment button that one can set for exiting the car. Say you’re an older driver that has difficulty getting out of the car. You just push that button and the seat drops down low and moves back – clearly a design feature for older drivers . . . but it has nothing on that swivel seat.

I want a swivel seat for myself, so why wouldn’t elders want them? Given the elder population wave, I suspect we’ll see more swivel seats on the horizon. Good job Renault!

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