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4 Best Portable Jets for Bathtubs

by Derrick

Most people consider a good soak in the tub a wonderful and indulgent luxury, and portable jets are a way to add the whirlpool feel to a standard tub.

Key Points:

  • Hydrotherapy is a great way to ease our bodies’ aches and pains.
  • Portable jets for bathtubs create a cost-effective method of creating the feel of a jacuzzi tub.
  • Portable water jets more closely resemble jacuzzi jets for bathtubs.
  • These plug-in jets can help with the effects of arthritis, diabetes, and fibromyalgia,
seniors group doing hydrotherapy with portable jets

For many people, those jets combined with warm water create the perfect means of healing various disorders and aches. As we age, aches and pains can become greater. That is when bathtubs with portable jets can perform genuine hydrotherapy.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy uses water to heal. Most of us are familiar with saunas, steam baths, foot baths, and other water therapy. They are very relaxing and soothing. Many people may believe that such therapy is new and modern. The fact is, hydrotherapy has been around for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptians did not simply bathe for the sake of good hygiene. They used essential oils as a treatment for various disorders. The Romans and Greeks were famous for their bathhouses. The Greek physician Hippocrates believed human illnesses were caused by a fluid imbalance and recommended baths are treatment.

For the ancient Egyptians, the river Nile was a favorite watering place, and they used plants and oils as treatments for healing. Myrrh was well-known for its healing properties and used as an anti-inflammatory, immune booster, general tonic, and astringent, among other things. Egyptians used frankincense for asthma relief.  

The Romans were famous for their natural spring bathhouses. To them, bathing was communal, a social activity. But they also appreciated the powers of healing mineral water.

Thousands of years ago, both the Chinese and Japanese cultures used movement treatment to heal aches and pains by moving around in water.

During the Victorian era, hydrotherapy was used in sanitariums to treat a variety of conditions.

Air Jets vs Water Jets for Bathtubs

A bathtub that uses jets is a wonderful luxury for anyone seeking to relax and hoping for some relief from daily aches and pains. Before making such an important purchase, however, it is critical to know the difference between the two types of available jets – air jets versus water jets. They provide different types of sensations.

As the names imply, one type of jet uses water, while the other uses air. They both massage and provide relaxation, so the choice can depend simply on a personal preference.

The air jets use, obviously, air to produce bubbles around your body. The air jets are gentler and less intense than water.

The air jets require less maintenance and need more jets for a desired massaging effect. It is not advised to use oils or bubble baths with air jets as those products can both contaminate and pollute the jets. For water jets, a heating unit to warm the water is optional.

Consider that the air jets, which produce a gentler stream, may be more desirable for people whose pain is too great to withstand the more forceful massage of a water jet. Such a user will be more focused on relaxation than a more forceful massage.

The water jets use water to produce bubbles. These bubbles are stronger and provide a deeper bodily massage as the burst of water is considerably stronger with higher pressure. The jets can be directed onto specific body parts. Water jets are a great combination of relaxer and pain reliever. Water jets are closer to that feeling of a portable jacuzzi jets than air jets.

The water jets can be more expensive, but that is not always true in individual cases. The pricing can vary, depending on the material used and the construction. The air jets requires less maintenance as all it uses is air and does not require the thorough cleaning of water jets.

Four Best Portable Jets for Bathtubs

Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa

Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa
  • Easy to use – fits all standard tubs and adjusts to any water level
  • Adjustable nozzles and jets create soothing whirlpool or rejuvenating bubbles

This is a true home spa. Place it over the side of your bath and secure with suction cups. The jets pulse against sore muscles to reduce pain and street.  The jets are adjustable, and it fits all standard bathtubs. Excellent buy for a lower-end jet product.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It is compact and easy to use.


  • Can be noisy
  • The jets could be stronger.

HoMedics Jet-1 Spa Whirlpool Spa

HoMedics Jet-1 Jet Spa Whirlpool Spa
  • Two powerful jets convert a bathtub into a whirlpool spa
  • Control dial varies whirlpool, from powerful stream to gentle bubbles

This jet spa has two jets for a powerful whirl. It can easily be adjusted from quiet bubbles to a strong stream. Fixes securely to the bathtub with brackets and suction cups.


  • Dual jets
  • Adjustable streams


  • Some users find the jets weak.

Portable Whirlpool Jet Spa Bath with Adjustable Swivel

Portable whirlpool Jet Spa Bath - With Adjustable Swivel Jet, 2 levels. Home Spa for Bathtub. Jet Bath Spa, Tub Bubbles for Relaxation and Massage. Spa Bubble Bath, Whirlpool Bath Spa for all Bathtubs
  • COMPACT DESIGN. This luxury spa is made using durable materials to provide long-lasting strength and use day after day. It fits any size bathtub and is outfitted with suction cups to easily adhere to any surface. Best of all, it’s lightweight and compact so you can take it on your business trips or while vacationing with family.
  • PAIN RELIEF. Stressful situations and long work days can make your body tense up, leading to muscle fatigue and body aches. Transform your bathtub into an oasis of relaxation and melt away your aches and pains so you can feel rejuvenated and fresh.

This home spa creates an abundance of bubbles for a delightful whirlpool experience and a deep massage. The jet stream can be directed any way you wish to deal with different body parts. The material is durable and can be used every day. It attaches to the bathtub with suction cups. It is light enough to take with you.


  • Two separate jets provide a powerful massage.
  • The motor is quiet.


  • This jet does not heat the water. It merely circulates it.

Dr. Franklyn’s Luxury Turbo Spa

Dr. Franklyn's Luxury Turbo Spa (Colors May Vary)
  • whirlpool jet spa.
  • Fits any bathtub - Unique design easily adheres to any tub surface with suction cup

These jets for bathtubs will fit any size tub and adhere with suction cups. The user can control the stream – from a gentle flow to a powerful stream.


  • The suctions cups work and adhere well.


  • The power may not be strong enough for some users.

How Portable Jets Can Improve Health

A huge advantage of jets for bathtubs is that they allow seniors to take care of many of their own aches and pains and overall health. This empowerment will strengthen not only a senior’s physical ability, but his or her cognitive abilities, as well.

It is an excellent way for seniors to take greater charge of their lives. Without having to visit an expensive spa, they can improve the quality of their lives right at home. They are in control, which is a critical mindset for aging seniors who may begin to feel more helpless. Independence is one of the most important factors in any senior’s wellbeing.

There are a number of specific physical disorders that can be treated and healed with the help of jets of bathtubs:


senior with knee arthritis

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are over 52 million arthritis sufferers in the U.S. alone. Many of these are seniors. Arthritis, which is an inflammation of one of the body’s joints, can be very painful. Without help, the inflammation can lead to continuing bone erosion.

Rheumatoid arthritis, one form of the disease, can affect various joints of the body at one time and be difficult to treat. The pain can stretch from ankle to hands, causing pain throughout the body. Some sufferers are forced to resort to surgery for relief.

Many doctors prescribe some type of hydrotherapy to ease the inflammation caused by arthritis. The bubbly whirlpool effect of jets for bathtubs covers the entire body and provides almost immediate help. The warm water helps the body to relax, stimulates circulation, eases the pain within the joints, and helps seniors do mild exercise in warm waters. Pouring some magnesium-rich Epsom salts into the bath can add to the relief. Most seniors do not live near a spa, so a treatment at home by jets for bathtubs is the idea solution.

In addition, a hydrobath leaves seniors feeling pain-free and in a better overall mood.


Four hundred million people suffer from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It is a serious condition that leaves the body unable to regulate its own blood sugar level. It is a worldwide health threat.

The usual treatment for diabetes is insulin, which is extremely costly. Studies have shown that proper hydrotherapy has a positive impact on diabetes and can help alleviate some of the damaging effects. This research has indicated that hydrotherapy can help with insulin sensitivity and normalizes high blood pressure. A recent New England Journal of Medicine article indicates interest in the correlation between hydrotherapy and a reduction in blood sugar levels.


elderly woman suffering from fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia involves pain in the muscles and joints accompanied by a continuous chronic ache. Sadly, there is no cure. Symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

  1. Tiredness
  2. Insomnia
  3. Depression
  4. Headaches
  5. Difficulty in focusing

Without a definitive cure for fibromyalgia, many seniors have successfully tried hydrotherapy. Warm water has always been used as a soother for bodily aches. According to Rheumatology International, a study concluded that, “There is strong evidence to support the use of hydrotherapy in the management of fibromyalgia.” Following the study, most of the subjects felt less pain, slept better, and enjoyed a better quality of life.

Seniors, Walk-In Bathtubs, and Hydrotherapy

Walk In Bathtub

For most people, a soak in the tub is a luxury. For seniors, bathtubs can present serious falling risks. For that reason, walk-in bathtubs offer seniors independence while lessening the risk of falling. For even greater benefits, these bathtubs can be used for advanced hydrotherapy with water jets and therapeutic air. For seniors, it is the ideal way to relax while alleviating aches and pain.

Falling Risk for Seniors in Bathrooms

For many, the bathroom can be the most hazardous room in the house. According to the CDC:

In 2008, approximately 21.8 million persons aged ≥15 years sustained nonfatal, unintentional injuries, resulting in approximately $67.3 billion in lifetime medical costs.


Seniors experience most of these accidents while bathing or showering. According to the National Institute on Aging, more than 30 percent of seniors fall each year, mostly in the bathroom. That is why walk-in bathtubs can be game-changers for seniors struggling with mobility.

Most walk-in tubs have a step-in height of between 3 to 7 inches when compared to the height of a regular bathtub, which is usually around 14 inches. This makes getting in and out of a walk-in tub much safer. In addition, there are one of two grab bars within the tub that help the bather from sliding off the seat or outright falling.

The built-in seat in walk-in tubs provides extra safety. Senior can simply sit down and enjoy a relaxing soak or shower. For an aging person, this can be priceless.

However, price is always any issue and these designated units don’t come cheap, usually reserved for facilities than individual homes. Shower safety can be improved through the use of shower transfer benches and similar products, because for some people, showering is in fact safer than a tub.

Seniors and Hydrotherapy

seniors doing hydrotherapy with a therapist

Walk-in tubs not only provide safety for seniors, but they also offer the benefits of hydrotherapy that people have been enjoying for thousands of years. Tubs equipped with water jets provide a type of pressurized water massage. Air jets also massage the body but are somewhat gentler. Everyone’s needs are different, which is why there are different types of jets for bathtubs.

These jet massages will perform a number of healing functions:

  1. They help detoxify the body and skin. This means younger and healthier skin.
  2. They help release the stress from tense muscles.
  3. They provide a workout for the heart.
  4. Help heal aging joints.

Immersing oneself in warm or hot water eliminates 90 percent of body weight. That lightens the pressure off muscles and joints. It also allows for improved circulation to reach aching muscles. Best of all, jets for bathtubs allow seniors guiltless relaxation.

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