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Three Seniors that Redefine Active Aging via Mount Everest

by Derrick


Wow, back when I was working as the social service manager for an Area Agency on Aging, my staff (with the help of volunteers) administered a variety of “active aging” programs, programs like Matter of Balance, Chronic Disease Self-Management, etc. I thought people attending those classes were active, but this takes the cake!

Three U.S. seniors summit Mount Everest!

Californian Bill Burke became the oldest American ever to reach the world’s highest peak at the age of 67! This marked his 3rd attempt. Sixty-seven . . . wow, that’s all I can say. I once climbed to Camp Muir on Mount Ranier in January at the age of 24 and thought that was an accomplishment, but this 67 year old has put me to shame.

“Snow, freezing, freezing cold, high winds, it was quite a wild ride. It was really difficult, a very hard mountain. There is nothing about it that is easy. But, thank God, we made it and we made it back safely” is what Burke had to say about the climb.

Two days before Burke’s acheivement, 66 year old Dawes Eddy of Washington made it to the summit, and another Washington resident, Kay LeClaire, became the second oldest American woman to reach the summit at the age of 60.

I tip my hiking hat to all three of you, and can only hope to just still be climbing mountains in Maine at that age. You would have made John Muir very proud.

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