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My Name is Johnathan Wolcott Blog – Funny Senior Gathers a Following

by Derrick

File this post under Aging in Style. A funny 77-year old man is beginning to gather attention and an internet following with his brief, but entertaining blog posts on a relatively new site called Tumblr. Johnathan Wolcott is his name and here is a sampling of his responses to reader comments (Mr. Wolcott in green):

Mr. Wolcott, what is the best thing about getting old?


Mr. Woolcott, I love that your tumblr exists. It’s one of the best websites I’ve seen in a while.
You’ve brought about a renewed sense of wonder in me. I hope that you are real, and that I never have to find out that you weren’t. My parents told me that Santa Claus was imaginary right from the start. Finding out that you’re not real will, for me, be as big of a let-down as finding out Santa isn’t real is for some kids.
Keep it real, grandpa.

when i was young we didnt have santa claus because of the depression

Your tumblr made my day. c:

i found a folder inside of my computer called c: and when i tried to click on it my grandson yelled at me

YOU ARE THE BEST SENIOR CITIZEN ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. What’s your secret to staying so young?

my teeth cant handle hard foods

There are posts with a different tone as well:

tell us about your childhood

my older brother died in a barn fire and my younger brother got caught in the thresher and he died too. it was horrible

how was your day, mr. Wolcott?

i didnt leave the house and nobody called me

I only hope that this guy is real and not some creative prankster posing as the man. Many of the posts are disjointed and strange, like he’s trying to figure the site out. That gives me hope he’s real, because if I can believe he’s real, there is hope that I can age with the same creative, adventurous spirit. Visit Mr. Wolcott’s blog by clicking here.

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