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Mice Munch the Ear of a Man in a Nursing Home

by Derrick

Just when we thought swine flu was a problem, enter the mice!

MSNBC reported that a bed ridden 89-year-old Australian man was mauled by mice. Read from the article:

“An elderly, bedridden gentleman had the tops of his ears severely chewed, his head badly bitten and a very bad wound in the throat,” Hopper said. “His hands were covered in blood when they found him; he’d obviously been so distressed trying to get the mice away.”

Unfortunately, the reality is that care in many nursing homes is far from adequate. Whether it’s abuse, neglect, or simply unclean environments, elders that can’t advocate on their own behalf (or are afraid to) end up suffering in some long-term care facilities. We might expect to read a periodic article like this, but the stunner here is that this particular nursing home is government run!

Federal Minister for Aging Justine Elliot ordered a probe into what the government-run nursing home in Queensland state was doing to protect residents, saying in a statement that the attack was “extremely disturbing and traumatic for residents and their families.”

“Extremely disturbing?” Ya think!?

My wife read the headline of this post as I was writing and asked, “Was Stephen King there?” While it sounds like something from one of his novels, it’s unfortunately not.

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