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ElderGuru.com Creates a Facebook Page to Help Caregivers and Seniors Connect

by Derrick

ElderGuru.com has been in existence almost four months. Traffic has been slow to start, but I have done little to actively promote the site in favor of first better determining the direction and scope of the blog. That is being achieved with each post, and it is now time to begin actively connecting with others. Facebook is but one step in that process.

“Marketing a blog for seniors and adult caregivers on Facebook?” you ask.
“That might be better if it was a blog for teens.”

Think again! CNN Technology recently reported that women older than 55 make up the fastest-growing age group on Facebook. Older families are using the site to reach younger generations and to stay in touch with family members and long lost friends. “The trend,” as reported in the article, “is relatively confined. Only about 7 percent of people older than 65 have online social-networking profiles, according to research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.” Nevertheless, it is happening – seniors are becoming internet savvy! Read more:

Joanne Woeppel joined Facebook so she could keep tabs on her 13 grandkids.

But the Web site also has helped the 71-year-old keep up with other people without changing her routine.

“I’m pretty much what you would call a loner. I’m content in my own company. I can find things to do to entertain myself that I don’t need to be out and about,” she said by phone from her three-bedroom house near Dallas, Texas. “I don’t go out to socialize.”

Technological advances are not leaving older generations out. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Please join ElderGuru.com at the new Facebook page.

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