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CycledLife and the Coffin Spa: a New Business Model for Handling the Dead

by Derrick

While some people look to business opportunities that target the large number of older adults, more than 60 million people are dying each year, and some people are seeing death as a business. Fox Business News recently highlighted Ed Gazvoda’s new business, CycledLife, an alternative to burial or cremation called “alkaline hydrolysis.” The process is described by CycledLife as “a process that results in hygienic remains. It allows for a sterile burial without the cost of a coffin, vault or cemetery plot.”

The body is placed in a heated alkaline solution inside a “coffin spa” that reportedly reduces tissue to something that resembles coffee. Alkaline hydrolysis has been used for a long time on animals and the Mayo Clinic has used it on donated cadavers, but Ed Gazvoda hopes to make it more common.

Touted benefits to this approach include:

  • keeps mercury emissions from hurting the living
  • consumes 90% less fuel
  • cuts greenhouse gases by 94%
  • priced similar to cremation
  • allows scattering of a pathogen free body on private land

He is currently entangled in a legal battle over whether the process is permissible in Ohio, but as quoted by Fox, Gazvoda states:

Gazvoda says he’s focused on selling coffin spas in other states. He is convinced this battle is part of the acceptance cycle of every new technology and that he will inevitably revolutionize dead-body disposal with a cheaper and cleaner process.

“If you give people a better value proposition, they choose it,” he said. “Even in death care.”

He is trying to market the coffin spa to funeral directors and others. Visit CycledLife to learn more.

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