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Coffee Prevents Alzheimer’s or Makes You Hallucinate? What About Marijuana?

by Derrick

Well this is interesting, another study now indicates that caffeine will help stave off memory loss. I wonder how that compares with a different study that suggests caffeine makes you hallucinate. Read about the latest report as quoted from WebMD:

In the study, mice bred to develop symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease were given 500 milligrams of caffeine (equivalent to five cups of regular coffee) in their daily drinking water once they started developing memory problems at age 18 to 19 months, about age 70 in human years.

After two months, the mice that drank the caffeinated water performed much better on tests of their memory and thinking skills — to the level of normal mice of the same age. Those given plain water continued to do poorly on these tests. The study also showed that the brains of the caffeinated mice experienced a nearly 50% reduction in the level of beta-amyloid.

I am hopeful, yet skeptical. It seems nearly every other day I’m reading about some new study that claims this, that and the other thing will help improve memory retention. Why, it wasn’t that long ago that we learned marijuana helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t start pounding numerous pots of coffee to help prevent memory loss. I think it’s still pretty hard to beat the big three: regular exercise, healthy eating and good genes.

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