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Aging Related Job Market Growth in Senior Move Managers

by Derrick

When seniors need to move…

Guest Post By: Katie Hustead, Owner and Senior Move Manager, Paper Moon Moves

Their stories are unique but share a common thread:

  • A woman in her eighties loses her husband and needs to move immediately because she can’t drive and the house is in a rural area.
  • A couple in their seventies finds that with increasing health problems, they should live closer to their grown children, who live three states away.
  • An elderly gentleman who has lived alone his entire life finds he can no longer manage running a household, and decides to move into senior living.

Each one has thought about moving – perhaps for years – but has put it off until now.  “Now” has come and there’s nobody nearby to help them deal with the hassles of moving. They have three stories and rooms full of belongings that they have accumulated over a lifetime, and they are moving to places far smaller than their current homes.  They can’t imagine how to start the long process of figuring out what to move and how to get rid of things that won’t come with them.  And then, how do they pack and unpack the things that will be moved?

Because these stories are being played out more and more often, an industry has evolved to provide the solution.  Members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers – a countrywide organization with more than 500 members – fill in when there are no adult children or friends available to help with the long, often-tedious process of dismantling a home and moving a senior.

Most senior move managers start with a floor plan of the new residence.  They work with the senior to decide which of their things can fit comfortably in the new home.  Then they help decide what to do with the remaining possessions – selling, donating, recycling or shipping to the senior’s family and friends.

For most senior move managers, the best part of a job is the moment when the senior walks into their new home after the move, where the bed is made, pictures are on the walls and dishes are clean and put away.  The senior, having avoided the work and worry of doing all this alone, can plunk down in their favorite easy chair (which is sitting exactly where they asked the senior move manager to put it) and start focusing on their new life.  That’s why we all love what we do.

Paper Moon Moves, a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, http://www.papermoonmoves.com is a senior move management company serving seniors in the New York City area. To find a senior move manager in your location, go to www.nasmm.org

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