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7 Ways to Keep Your Old House Warm this Winter

by Derrick
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Heating costs are a serious concern for many elders living in cooler climates. Couple high heating costs with older homes, and you have an expensive heating season.

As winter approaches, you start to feel the temperature taking a dip. An obvious solution is to crank up the heating, but that takes a toll on costs. There are plenty of ways to stay warm in your home while lowering power costs. So before you dial up the switch and plug-in extra heaters, here are seven affordable ways to keep your house warm this winter.

1. Install Curtains and Thermal Blinds

Installing good quality curtains and thermal blinds is an effective way to prevent your house from losing heat through the windows. This adds a layer of protection and will keep your house warm in the winter. Make sure you open up your curtains and blinds during the day, letting all the sunlight into your home. This is a handy tip to make use of the natural heat. Once the sun goes down, draw the blinds to add insulation and trap the warmth.

2. Add Rugs

Covering up your floors will prevent heat loss and is why carpets were invented in the first place. If you have wooden floorboards or tiles, it’s a good idea to cover them up with rugs and blankets. Providing your floors with insulation helps to trap the heat inside your home. Plus, a soft rug will make it more comfortable for your feet during the cold winter.

3. Use Residual Heat

Leaving the door open after a hot shower will let all the hot steam into your living areas. Keeping the oven door open after you’ve finished baking will not only provide warmth, but make your kitchen smell amazing. Making yourself a cup of hot tea will also warm you up, and if you leave the lid of your kettle open, warmth will travel through the house!

4. Close the Doors

Apart from obviously keeping the front door closed, this means close the doors in any unused room. This will help to keep your living space warm and prevent any heat from escaping into unused rooms. Your power bill won’t be as high because it takes less energy to warm up a smaller area.

5. Radiator Panels

Make sure the heat from your radiator is used to keep your room warm rather than the walls. Installing radiator panels will reflect heat and prevent it from escaping through the walls. Foil makes a great heat reflector if you want to do it yourself. If your radiator is attached to an external wall, putting foil behind it and it will do the same thing as a radiator panel. Just ensure you do so in a safe manner.

6. Throws and Blankets

We all love to hang out in the living room to watch a movie or catch up with friends and family. It’s these times when our circulation slows down, and we get cold. Instead of turning up the thermostat, wrap yourself up with a warm blanket. If you get really cold, slip in a hot water bottle for extra heat.

7. Wear Foot Warmers

A lot of the time, heat escapes for your feet. This is probably why your mum told you to put socks on when you were a child. Sometimes when it’s very cold, socks might not cut it. Investing in a heated foot warmer might be a good idea, especially if you’re sitting at your desk a lot of the time. You’ll notice that once your feet are warm, your whole body feels a lot warmer too.

No one likes the cold, but what’s worse is receiving a huge power bill in the mail. You could install double glazing and some thorough insulation, but these can get pretty expensive. These affordable tips can help you keep your house warm this winter is perfect if you’re not ready for a big investment. They’re easy and quick ways to stop your teeth chattering this winter!

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