Download the Dementia “End of Life: Helping with Comfort and Care” Document

by Derrick on September 26, 2016

cover-end-of-lifeThe National Institute on Aging has published an “End of Life: Helping with Comfort and Care” document for download and distribution.

Dementia, as we know, causes the gradual loss of thinking, memory, and mental capacity, which makes it difficult for providers of end of life care to know what is best. Because those with advanced dementia can no longer communicate clearly, their wishes cannot be shared.

The National Institute on Aging’s publication is intended to help caregivers navigate the end of life process. Brief but informative, the publication includes:

  • Providing Comfort at the End of Life
  • Care Options at the End of Life
  • Dementia at the End of Life
  • Understanding Healthcare Decisions
  • What Happens When Someone Dies
  • Things to Do After Someone Dies
  • Getting Help for Your Grief
  • Planning for End of Life Decisions

A .pdf version of the publication can be downloaded here.


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